Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Something in the water

Caught immediate supervisor (not sexy D, no, the toad who believes I am his secretary) at desk-side of another co-worker. Irony is that supervisor has spent much time seeking out K and K spends equal time avoiding him.

Mind, K is married with teen daughter. Supervisor is married as well. Given pics gracing his desk, would assume he has at least two adult children. Has become quite the office joke to see him lurking around cubicle dividers. Those near K do provide warning if able. Best I can tell, supervisor has monumental crush on her. Would be sweet if not utterly horrifying.

Further, Mailroom Joe has begun making special trips to K's part of the office. Am I to suspect she is suddenly emitting irresistible pheromones? Should bottle it for the single contingent. K is admittedly an attractive woman with controlling husband. Perhaps she obtained solace with young Joe and now he is smitten. If so, supervisor may have caught wind and hopes blackmail will suddenly make him appealing.

My wearing bottle-lens glasses, downing 12 tequila shots, and a deep body scour would not make him appealing to my mind. Man needs to wash his hair every month at minimum. Why is that hard?

Other shit: Accidentally caught teen neighbor R smoking behind dumpster. Upon discovery, sullen boy offered a drag and asked for beer.

Note to self: "Mia, remember to email electronic books to work. Appears will have much more free time as long as K continues to put-out. Send K thank you note."


Molly Daniels said...

Oooh....idea for new book??? With names changed, natch!

Rassles said...

You tell K that I need to borrow some of that man-attracting goodness.

Mia Watts said...

Molly: Not into foursomes or geriatric fuckfests with married bosses. Story concept is all yours if you wish.

Rassels: "Spellbound Woods" from Seller's name is Pixie something. K said she thought boss wanted to be a friend. *eyeroll* I agreed, as of course her face and friendship are located just under hem of her short skirts.

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