Monday, March 30, 2009

Powerless Mia

Saw M and W-r hand-in-hand through parking lot of building. Neither made eye-contact. Is rather sweet, really, if a little elementary. Am hoping one or the other grows spine before both turn into sappy puddle of doe-eyed slobber. Two meek individuals dating can only lead to chaos. What would occur if debate rose over amount on dinner check? Would W-r push up glasses and blush? Would M drop eyes and wait for W-r to manage? Waiter could take advantage. I see no good from a long term development.

Will, in meantime, amuse myself with watching an adult couple behave like young children. Beginning love is sweetly innocent. Am curious to see what first argument would be like. Dare I hope they do so in the hall?

Power went down in office Friday. Had no access to computers as mainframe also off-line. Took handset off phone for calls to ring through to next desk. Was in no mood for belching anger of callers. Would have accepted the responsibility had it been my error. However, as I was not in mainframe workforce center, can only assume I was not the problem this time.

Other shit: 9pm EST today on, I will be the guest for an hour long live chat along with Dakota Rebel, Bronwyn Green, Brynn Paulin, and stop-in Claire Thompson. Free book give-aways and interview questions. If interested, you will need to sign on prior for access to chat room. Come lurk or ask. One hour. Should be fun.

Note to self: "Mia, when next the lights and system go, trek to D's office and over to tell scary stories over flashlight. Sappy appears to work for M and W-r, perhaps Mia should take a page from the same book. Once. Twice would be redundant and boring."


Raleigh & Jaimee said...

realms of love chat

Missed you Mia!


Amy S. said...

Sorry I missed you at the Realms of love chat tonight. Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I missed you too but
PICK ME i lost 4 times already tonight lol

Ebook Addict said...

Sorry we missed you at Realms of Love Mia - I know it took me forever to get in the first time had to turn this on that off down load that etc, etc...:-( lol


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia!,

I came to hear you talk at the Relms chat tonight -- I see you post all the time in Clair Thompsons sight and I had a ton of questions. Oh well.

If I get chosen for a prize -- anything that is M/M would be great, as that is all I read.

Thank you for being such a great author -- I love reading your blog and reading your comments on yahoo groups.

sage harrison

Part of the chat....
ebookaddict: you have to many kinds for me to keep track of:-) lol
SILVERPIXIES: thats not that many
jaimee: how many do you have silver
SILVERPIXIES: i could be a Dugger
Jardonn: which way is the menage, Bronwyn? m-f-m or f-m-f?
Brynn: oooooh the May 19 menage???
ebookaddict: Brynn writes very good menage
Brynn: ty ebook
thunder: Brynn would like to give away of any of her back list, except the anthos
SILVERPIXIES: Brynn just write damn good
BronwynGreen: that's the one!
PhoenixLy9: cool
ebookaddict: just the facts mam:-) lol
Brynn: ty silver
Caffey: cool
thunder: another give-away!!!!!
PhoenixLy9: yay
thunder: Brynn would like to give away of any of her back list, except the anthos
SILVERPIXIES: i have 4 kids ages about to be 13 about to be 8 about to be 7 and 7months old
Caffey: yeah
ebookaddict: sheesh I can't keep up with the 15 year old let alone 4
PhoenixLy9: lol
thunder: when I say go, please choose a number between 50 & 70, forst one to guess the number winn a book from Brynn Paulin
PhoenixLy9: try a soon to be 13 lol
jaimee: but its fun trying
Sherry: 51
thunder: GO
jaimee: 44
sage: 83
jaimee: 39
Caffey: 60
PhoenixLy9: 55
Jardonn: forst
jaimee: 29
Sherry: 51
jaimee: 28
jaimee: 4
Caffey: one number only?
Caffey: right?
thunder: keep guessing please
PhoenixLy9: 34
jaimee: my nubers are off
Sherry: 68
Caffey: 41
PhoenixLy9: 56
jaimee: 51
Caffey: 42
Sherry: 62
jaimee: 52
PhoenixLy9: 68
Caffey: 65
jaimee: 53
ebookaddict: 48
Sherry: 55
Caffey: 68
PhoenixLy9: 66
jaimee: 54
Caffey: 62
jaimee: 55
Caffey: 55
Sherry: 63
PhoenixLy9: 88
jaimee: 56
Caffey: 56
ebookaddict: 40
Caffey: 57
jaimee: 57
jaimee: 58
jaimee: 59
Caffey: 58
sage: 77
thunder: winner
jaimee: 600
ebookaddict: 70
thunder: Sherry with 63
PhoenixLy9: who?
amysmith98: wtg sherry
PhoenixLy9: wtg
SILVERPIXIES: awesome sherry
jaimee: yeaa Sherry
ebookaddict: wooHoo Congrats Sherry
BronwynGreen: Poor Silver - you really do always lose
Sherry: Thanks!
thunder: Congratulation Sherry
Caffey: lucky you Shery!
BronwynGreen: Yay Sherry!!!
Jardonn: good one, sherry!
ebookaddict: lol
jaimee: lol
ebookaddict: poor Silver
SILVERPIXIES: i was hung up pn 69
Brynn: yay sherry!!! email me at brynnpaulin @ comcast. net
ebookaddict: we still love you:-) hehe
BronwynGreen: snort
amysmith98 has left.
thunder: How shall Sherry Hook up with you Brynn Paulin?
amysmith98 has joined.
PhoenixLy9: lol
SILVERPIXIES: woohoo stalker mail
PhoenixLy9: wb
amysmith98: ty
Brynn: you can check out my books at
hotcha1 has left.
Brynn: stalk away silver
Brynn: send me pics
BronwynGreen: LOL
Sherry: Thanks so much Brynn!
SILVERPIXIES: i love your webpage
Brynn: yw!
Brynn: ty
thunder: yes thank you Brynn Paulin, Dakota Rebel, and Bronwyn Green
BronwynGreen: I wanna give away a book too!
Caffey: cool!
BronwynGreen: can I?
Caffey: i say yes you can
Caffey: LOL
Jardonn: is it about menage?
PhoenixLy9: cool pls do!
sage: Is it M/m?
SILVERPIXIES: i dont care
BronwynGreen: depends on what you pick -- one has some group sex action...
SILVERPIXIES: i just want to play again
Caffey: ooh
Caffey: goodie
PhoenixLy9: I love those
Jardonn: group sex! group sex!
SILVERPIXIES: can it be in a confessional
Sherry: Love group sex!
Brynn: lol
BronwynGreen: LOL
Caffey: lol
Jardonn: like a Realms chat!
PhoenixLy9: lol
ebookaddict: lol
jaimee: lol
thunder: and please visit Mia's Watt's site and check out her books:
SILVERPIXIES: i have a thing for Priests that look like Richard Chamberland
jaimee: rofl
PhoenixLy9: who?
Caffey: thanks for the link!
PhoenixLy9: rofl
BronwynGreen: Thunder do you want to pick a contest or should I wing it?
Caffey: thats the author who couldn't get into the chat tonight
PhoenixLy9: wing it!
SILVERPIXIES: ever see a movie Called the thorn birds
Jardonn: Dr. Kildare of Saint Elizabeth's
PhoenixLy9: nope
Caffey: let us know if one number only or not
SILVERPIXIES: what are the rules
Brynn: I've seen it
SILVERPIXIES: so i can break them
Sherry: Love Richard Chamberlaine!
PhoenixLy9: Have no idea who he was
PhoenixLy9: lol
SILVERPIXIES: The Priest who falls in love with the girl
Jardonn: Uh, oh, my Dr. Kildare goes back too far in time?
Sherry: Raplh and Meggie!
SILVERPIXIES: i feel old thanks
PhoenixLy9: lol
Jardonn: His first tv role, i think.
Caffey: i haven't watch THORN BIRDS in a long time
Brynn: yeah I think it's where I got my unholy men of the cloth addiction
BronwynGreen: Okay - it's almost Spring, so whoever guesses my fav flower wins...
Caffey: i read the book years ago in HS
PhoenixLy9: I think I'm younger than you Silver
Caffey: lilies
Caffey: tulips
Caffey: carnation
sage: Lilacs
Caffey: lilacs
ebookaddict: lilies
jaimee: daisy
PhoenixLy9: daffodils
Caffey: mums
Brynn: can I guess
BronwynGreen: sage
Caffey: daisy
ebookaddict: mums
PhoenixLy9: geranumiums
Caffey: gardenia
ebookaddict: tulips
BronwynGreen: sage got it first
SILVERPIXIES: dani lions
Brynn: wtg sage!
PhoenixLy9: narcissius
Caffey: lavender
Jardonn: martha white
PhoenixLy9: cool
sage: cool!!!!!
SILVERPIXIES: what was it
BronwynGreen: I love me some lilacs
thunder: Congratulations Sage
ebookaddict: congrats sage:-)
Caffey: what was it?
thunder: Lilacs
jaimee: congrats Sage
amysmith98: wtg sage
SILVERPIXIES: awesome job sage
PhoenixLy9: cool

Welcome to The Realms of Love Chat Castle

Caffey: i put that up in the beginning
Jardonn: wtg, sage!
Caffey: LOL
thunder: and thank you Bronwyn Green

sage: tHANKS!
SILVERPIXIES: *hides the rubber bat for later*
Caffey: shows me here before, oh well
PhoenixLy9: lol
ebookaddict: poor Silver
BronwynGreen: Sage, please email me at bronwyn @ bronwyngreen . com (no spaces)
Caffey: wtg Sage
sage: oKAY, WILL DO...
Caffey: it was wonderful to chat with you all!
BronwynGreen: WAIT
SILVERPIXIES: i wasnt leaving
ebookaddict: not going anywhere
Caffey: LOL Silver
BronwynGreen: Mia wanted to give away something too - but I have to read her note first
PhoenixLy9: me too
SILVERPIXIES: damn it i have class in 10 min
Caffey: cool
SILVERPIXIES: thank the goddess for multi tabs
SILVERPIXIES: i aint leaving
Brynn: lol
Caffey: do you have to drive silver?
ebookaddict: staying put:-)
SILVERPIXIES: its onlinw
BronwynGreen: Okay...Mia says
SILVERPIXIES: i have to log in
BronwynGreen: go to her blog
BronwynGreen: and
ebooklover has left.
ebooklover has joined.
amysmith98 has left.
amysmith98 has joined.
PhoenixLy9: wb you 2
amysmith98: ty
BronwynGreen: put Realms of Love Chat in her comments and tonight or tomorrow and she'll pick a winner
Caffey: cool
Caffey: thanks
BronwynGreen: No prob
ebookaddict: gotta love those easy contests:-) lol
PhoenixLy9: ty Bron
BronwynGreen: She's REALLY bummed about not being able to be here tonight
thunder: Mia Watts tried VERY hard to get here
Caffey: i look forward to chatting with her soon
BronwynGreen: np Phoenix
PhoenixLy9: I look forward to reading everyone's books
Jardonn: tell her we'll all come to her blog and chat in the comments field.
Caffey: me too! I miss reading some TEB books so I need to shop!!!
Caffey: lol
PhoenixLy9: Me too
Brynn: yay!!
Caffey: i'm glad i got to ask you about more of your series!
Brynn: Caffey, Bron and I will be at Resplendence Publishing soo too
Brynn: *soon
thunder: thank you Brynn Paulin, Dakota Rebel, and Bronwyn Green
BronwynGreen: Yes we will!
Caffey: and bug you, smile
Caffey: oh neat!
PhoenixLy9: cool
BronwynGreen: Thank you Thunder - this was great!
thunder: and MIa Watts for putting it all together
Brynn: thanks RoL
Caffey: I never saw a chat with Respl
Sherry: Thanks to all the authors! It was a fast hour!
Caffey: so i'd love to learn about their books too
BronwynGreen: super fast!
Caffey: i will check it out there!
PhoenixLy9: okie all have a great evening gnite and ty for a great chat!
Caffey: congrats Brynn
thunder: Claire Thompson and Carol Lynne next Sunday
Brynn: ty
PhoenixLy9: cool
Caffey: Sunday chats?
amysmith98: thanks for the great chat
Sherry: Will be here next Sunday! Love Claire T!
BronwynGreen: Thanks!
thunder: HJardonn Smith and WILLIAM MALTESE next Monday!
Brynn: oooh I'll be here
Brynn: what time?
SILVERPIXIES: i'll be here too
Caffey: nine pm?
Jardonn: ok, good night, all... thanks to the authors for sharing their books with everybody.
PhoenixLy9: same here
amysmith98: night everyone
thunder: Jardonn Smith
amysmith98 has left.
PhoenixLy9: gnite
BronwynGreen: Night everyone!
PhoenixLy9 has left.
ebookaddict: I'm gone everyone time for CSI Miami
Brynn: night all
thunder: Thank you to all our authors and chatters
Brynn has left.
Caffey: thanks Thunder and all!
Jardonn has left.
ebookaddict: had fun thanks Brynn, Brownynn, Dakota and the missing Mia:-) lol
SILVERPIXIES: everyone left me
thunder: and to Ebookaddict and Claire for jumping in to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ebookaddict has left.
jaimee: thanks...have a good night everyone
Caffey: nite all!
Caffey has left.
ebooklover has left.
BronwynGreen has left.
DakotaRebel: Yup, I'm off as well. night
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Sherry has left.
thunder: 'nite sage
sage: Oh -- goodnight ( I'm doing another chat..)

Caffey said...

Hi Mia! So sorry you couldn't get into chat tonight. Its happened with me before too! They spoke so highly of you and your books! I hope to meet you soon and so look forward to your books too!!!

It would be a joy to be in your contest from the chat tonight at Realms. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I already won a prize at the Realms of Love chat, so please don't pick me.

Just wanted to say that I am looking forward to "meeting" you next time and hearing all about your work!


silver said...


I really did Miss you Win or Loose Your awesome

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