Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Waffle bra

Welcome Realms of Love chatters. My pardon for the crazy-assed glass of Vista on Java rocks. They don't play well together Thunder noted. Tried several hours to access the chat prior, and was on the phone with Thunder (chat admin) trouble-shooting.
~T is very pleasant. Charming, really. Great voice.~

Thanx for showing. Those who were part of the chat, and clever readers of this blog, will know which words to place in the comment box for a chance at a free read. Am giving away one of each book to the winner.

Would encourage any with questions to post in comments as well. Am intrigued that some have indicated they have them for me. Very little I won't answer.

Other shit: Found new bra. Am delirious. Finally a perfect fit and no tattling revelations when I am chilled. Which calls to question nipple-less bras. Do any women wear these to the office? Pardon. My error. Rephrasing. Do any non-pole dancing, business women wear these to the office? Would imagine design rather visible through sheer work shirt.

Note to self: "Mia, buy waffle bra. Big snow and cold weather. Be sure to wear white silk shirt without coat. Observe assorted reactions. Favorable?"

Secondary note: "Mia, avoid D during waffle bra day. Entirely wrong impression to make."


Rassles said...

There is nothing like a great voice. Seriously.

silverpixies said...

Realms Of Love Chat!!

Molly Daniels said...

Sorry I didn't make it last night; bronchitis for the first time in over 10 years:(

Catch you later on another one?

I'm guessing the magic word is Pick Me, lol:)

Caffey said...

Hi Mia! I couldn't get the site to open on the bra, but I'm getting a picture of it in my head, LOL. All I know is I hate buying bras, its a pain to find something comfy and fitting right!

Mia, can you tell us a bit about your upcoming books at Resplendence and the genre and all? What genres do you write and what haven't you written in a genre that you'd like to?


tbranxiety @ yahoo . com

Mia Watts said...

Sex Ed, May 19th is m/f and part of an anthology. She is a chemist. He is a biologist. She signs up as the sexual guinea pig.

Faerily Imperfect series of five books. Two m/f. Two m/m. One m/m/f menage. Five siblings are half faery-half human. They are given one magical gift which always goes wrong. First book Mind F*cked Oct 29, with each book releasing consecutively in 2 month intervals.

Faerily Imperfect will be lighter, humorous where the Darkness series is, well, dark with bantering. Am certain FI will host edgier plots than typical. Was not looking to fill a quota on light-hearted fairy dust.

What I write or won't:
I write both m/m and m/f. Am trying my hand (pardon pun) at menage. Prefer humor in all books with sexy, edgy concepts. All contemporary. My m/m must be dual-alpha roles. Don't much care for feminine male roles in my books. I like the heat and conflict.

Haven't written historical nor will I. Haven't written magic, but am thinking of it. Haven't written f/f and won't. No market. Don't possess sci-fi mind or interest.

I will and have written vampires, werewolves, shifters, light BDSM, homosexual, menage, heterosexual, contemporary, visceral for certain. You will see this last if Bound in Darkness is accepted for publication. Where meat becomes sexual need as much as sustenance.

Ideally, would develop writing toward alternate futures. Contemporary but a step off current reality. Darkness series touches on it with humans dropping low on the food chain. Prey instead of preditor.

Excellent questions. Thanx for asking.

Mia Watts said...

Missed my own chat, Molly, and without the cold as my excuse. Have loved Vista until that moment.

Rassels: Indeed. A good voice will win a listener than a handsome face and will lull with soothing resonance. T, though tenor of voice, had a comforting value.

Silverpixies: Persistent aren't you. *wink*

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