Friday, March 27, 2009

Aural Sex

Popcorn eater has been suspiciously absent. Interesting that lack of kernels corresponded to termination of several jobs due to lay-off. None were suspects.
Saw manager D outside office weight room before work. Rather, I stood outside weight room, looking through glass at delicious D jogging on treadmill. Fine legs. Fine, fine legs. A woman could lick legs like those, and enjoy it.
Other shit: Am joining in an anthology with three other authors: Bronwyn Green, Brynn Paulin, Dakota Rebel. As result, we recorded a podcast on Aural Sex. Have a listen.

More Other shit: Have new cover art. Lovely, no? Sex Ed will release from Resplendence Publishing on May 19th.
Note to self: "Mia, contact payroll immediately to begin $10 weight room deduction cost, then to MOA for new work-out clothes."

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Molly Daniels said...

I like the cover:)

And great podcast, btw...