Thursday, March 26, 2009

Throat Noises and Ass

Am of the opinion that the human race is a collection of voyeurs. Clearly this topic continues to entertain me. All people enjoy a good look. At others falling or in the midst of an embarrassing moment, a highway accident, or a good set-to. Notice? Heads swivel and necks stretch for the best view.

Why then are those who give in to their curiosity scorned for looking? Small children are admonished for rudeness and adults glared at. I hereby propose that, as it is part of human nature all together, you indulge.

See a ripe cleavage? She exposed it for you, have a look. See sculpted ass cheeks in sleek dress pants? He exercised, honor his rump with a glance. Issuing all readers a challenge. Look, enjoy, and when someone attempts to catch your eye in silent reproach, unabashedly continue to stare. Perhaps with sexy throat noises.

Note to self: "Mia, make the Adam's apple the entirety of your study today. Contemplate openly with much use of furrowed brow and pursed lips."


J said...

You're asking me to undo a lifetime of training myself to reflexively avert my eyes from a woman's cleavage or ass just as I sense the slightest motion of her eyes toward my direction? Methinks such ingrained behavior is not so easily overcome.

Men are all pigs. Oink.
wv: nicts

Mia Watts said...

Consider it a growing experience. Own your porcine brotherhood, roll in its mud, and relish in your stink.

I shall. Have already been caught crotch viewing. Must be said: Was an impressive piece of machinary. And responsive to being viewed.

Mia - 1pt