Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Biscotti? Bacon.

Have to confess to being a voyeur of sorts. Discovered THIS BLOG and find myself cruising it periodically for blog ideas. Most offer interesting insights-along with links to blog layout designs etc-am also discovering that visitors either consistently post while angered or are always irritated, by self-design. Routine grows rather old at best.

Weeks ago, I submitted my blog for review consideration. As removal of the request could smack of cowardice, and I refuse to entertain the immature egos of those that would believe it, I shall leave my request as it stands. I no longer care either way how their opinions might coagulate. Some are more credible than others-NJ, for one. Rassels another excellent example. Betsy too. In regard toward the others, I've lost interest and find them not only juvenile but boring. An assessment most likely to collect enemies.

Which makes one wonder: should attitude precast health, will the majority of the commenters live beyond forty or die of bleeding ulcers and blistered products of masturbation? Hm. Shall keep a journal and test theories.

Note to self: "Mia, never accept food from Gok. Especially biscottis."

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