Friday, February 27, 2009

A Sunrise in my Hand

Supervisor D still illusive. Joe too easy a conquest. Will go stag as tonight L and N have arranged gathering at Hooters in Mall of America. Aside from insane deliciousness, enjoy speculating on number of women paying their way through school with stupid uniforms. Amusing to watch old men making ill-aimed grabs. Will progress to Minnesota Picnic for best fried cheese curds. EVER.

Will be forced to dance penance for indulgence. Am going with Sunrise Martini to wash away the week.

Win chance at free Book: Free download of Claimed by Darkness (m/m paranormal erotic romance). Entrants agree to respect copyright laws and maintain ownership of awarded copy without reproduction of any kind. Commenters between now and 11:59pm on March 3rd will be entered in Book drawing. Is your email address evident? If not, leave in comments for contact purposes.


Rassles said...

I had a good number of friends in college working at Hooters to pay for school. So we would go every Sunday and make fun of them.

No one goes to Hooters for wings.

Mia Watts said...

Parenthetically speaking, (No shit. Wings are great but can be taken out. Attending Hooters is for entertainment venue alone. Desperate men who can't get laid and girlfriends who sell T&A while avoiding gropes of said T&A) Hooters is entertainment unto itself.

Fully intend to ogle as J insists all women are inherently gay. Will give it a go for a night. L is in heaven at Hooters. N will likely grope groping men whilst they are otherwise distracted.

J, if I catch a willing partner for lesbian experimentation, I suspect you will request webcam.

J said...

And I am certain you will deny the request. I've been shot down before, I can handle it. I must beg to differ. I do not believe I ever said that all women are inherently gay. I believe I said I knew someone who said that all women are bisexual, but some are in denial or just don't know it yet.

I am also quite certain that many of the patrons at Hooters are capable of getting laid (I've only been there once, the food was awful, overpriced, and even the tableware was cheap). Anyone who goes to Hooters with the intention of groping anyone is in need of a good ass-kicking.

I am curious, based on the content of your blog and the cover of your book; if there was a restaurant staffed with musclular, good-looking waiters in Chippendale-like outfits, you would have no desire to partake? And if you went there, would that classify you as desperate or someone who couldn't get laid?

wv: ceteds

Mia Watts said...

Suppose there are some. Variations on intellect do exist. Most females of my acquaintance have no difficulty obtaining ample man-pleasure. Groping not required. We leave that to Neanderthals.

The reality of accessible males on stage not so appealing when you take them home. Would prefer another bartender kiss.

Anny Cook said...

I must be tooooo old. I just find the prospect of undressed ANYTHING embarrassing and sad. I like a tad more mystery in my encounters.

Edmee said...

Hi Mia,

thanks for messaging me at Carol's group. :)

I will send Daniel Craig to your way, maybe he will manage toget more information. (Or is he not your type?)

Have a great week!!!

Mia Watts said...

Daniel Craig very much my stride. Would provide info with in depth coaxing. Send him over.

Gypsy said...

I've never had fried cheese curds. Should I? Sounds vaguely disturbing.