Monday, March 2, 2009


Attempted Lesbian appreciation without success. J will be pleased to know was able to engage in make-out session and minor petting. However mostly induced by Sunrise Martinis and unrelenting fascination of attractive man with lovely salt-and-peppering above ears. Quickly dumped female companion for more than six feet of man with wide shoulders to hold. No regrets.

MiMa in another row. Mi stomped like a six-year-old from apartment, tapped foot impatiently at elevator doors as Ma yelled and smacked his back several times. Gist of argument involved toothpaste goo in sink with reference to stove top "mess" from hot-dish. Mi appeared suitably irritated, as he should. Was impressed he did not do more than huff impatiently and resort to stairs. Well done, Mi.

Note to self: "Mia, suggest to Mi that own apartment results in fewer arguments. Recommend recently opened apartment next door to me as would hate to lose such fantastic domestic displays altogether."

Win chance at free Book: Free download of Claimed by Darkness (m/m paranormal erotic romance). Entrants agree to respect copyright laws and maintain ownership of awarded copy without reproduction of any kind. Commenters between now and 11:59pm on March 3rd will be entered in Book drawing. Is your email address evident? If not, leave in comments for contact purposes.


Rassles said...

If I'm going to do a lesbian attempt, she better, like, look like James Franco and have a dick.

Mia Watts said...

Always up for new experiences. James Franco not bad. I enjoy tall men. All men are tall to me, though.

If athletic lesbian resembling James, wearing strap-on, stops by, will send him to IL.