Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last Chance to Win

The Company Classification: Claimed by Darkness - Mia Watts
[Spectrum / MM, ménage, shapeshifter, vampire] Reader Advisory: Includes M/M/F ménage scenes and some violence.

Win chance at free Book: Free download of Claimed by Darkness (m/m paranormal erotic romance). Entrants agree to respect copyright laws and maintain ownership of awarded copy without reproduction of any kind. Commenters between now and 11:59pm on March 3rd will be entered in Book drawing. Is your email address evident? If not, leave in comments for contact purposes.


After twelve years of friendship, Damien is sure he has found The Keeper, the savior of the vampire race, in human form. The werewolves have a prophecy of their own and like Damien, they believe that Dr. Wolfrik Usher is their long-awaited answer.

Rik’s long-avoided attraction to Damien shifts into high gear when the sexual and physical demands of being a changeling wolf besiege his weakened inhibitions. And Damien isn’t sure he can resist the man meant to be a savior. Coming out on top has a whole new meaning as they fight their own biases in the midst of a species war. Whether the physical or sexual battle prevails, will they embrace the darkness or be claimed in its embrace?

Copyright © MIA WATTS, 2009
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Bite me,” Rik commanded softly.

“You lost a lot of blood. Biting you would serve no purpose except as a sexual experiment.” Damien growled. “You will be feeling enough discomfort as the were virus takes hold.”

Rik leaned forward. “I feel fine. Weres have healing properties too, don’t they?” At Damien’s reluctant nod, Rik continued. “Then bite me.”

Damien rose to his feet. The temptation was too great for him to stay in the same room. Rik’s eyes seemed to glow with an inner light. It made Damien pause to look again. Could he be changing so quickly? He turned from his human friend and walked to the door.

It was more instinct than sound which had Damien spinning as Rik pounced on him, throwing Damien against the wall. Rik grabbed his shirtfront and snarled in his face. Were-yellow overlaid his blue eyes until they glowed fathomlessly green. Rik was turning faster than usual.

“Bite me.” Rik’s voice dropped to dark tones unlike his natural speaking voice. Like warmed velvet, it wrapped around Damien and called to his soul.

Damien flashed his fangs in warning. He was already dancing on the edge of sexual predation. “I’m not fucking biting you, Rik. If I bite you now I’m going to fuck your brains out.” He shoved Rik off him, surprised by the unnatural strength in the man. Rik should be passed out or weak, not shifting and careless.

Rik caught his footing and charged again. This time he went for Damien’s throat. Damien deflected, barely. He hissed. Rolling, he pinned Rik to the closed bedroom door. A low growl rumbled from Rik’s throat.

Rik didn’t move but he eyed Damien warily as he drew his face close. “I’d. Fuck. You,” Damien said slowly, making sure Rik understood exactly what the dilemma was.

The were-human’s eyes went wild. “Fucking fuck me already, fucker.”

Damien considered it for a moment. Rik’s cock pressed its swollen length to his abdomen and as Damien debated taking Rik, finally, Rik’s cock pulsed. Damien groaned as every memory of tasting him secondhand flooded his senses. Rik’s pheromones were heady, his erection prepared for a thorough sucking. God, Damien wanted to. He wanted to take that length in his mouth, bite down and bring him off as Rik shot down his throat.

Instead he stepped away. “You don’t want that. You think you do but you’d be pissed when you returned to normal.”

Rik swiped out curled fingers, angrily scoring Damien’s chest. “Don’t tell me what I want, vampire.”

His chest stung from the strike. Damien leaped the distance. Holding Rik’s head roughly to the side, Damien dragged his teeth over Rik’s neck, teasing him. Slowly, he touched the tips to his artery, giving Rik a second to reconsider. Damien’s chest squeezed with need. His cock jerked and Damien sank into his neck.

Rik’s guttural cry of pleasure washed over Damien and he released Rik’s head to do as he chose. Damien didn’t expect Rik to bury on hand in his hair, to hold him in place against his neck. He didn’t expect Rik’s other hand to reach inside Damien’s jeans, wrapping his fingers around his aching penis. Damien shuddered with need. His Rik wanted him.
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Judy said...

Blurb and excerpt fantastic. I really enjoyed reading them. The cover is eye catching and I also like the title. Sounds like I will have to put in my TBR pile, if I don't win:)

Anonymous said...

OMG There is Nothing Hotter Then Vampires and Shape shifters Fighting for Alpha Pole in a Relationship. This Story Looks Hot and the Cover is even Hotter! I can't Wait till i can Read it. I have a List of Books that this now Tops my top 10 books to buy when i have enough pennies. Thank You for posting the Link to this Blog on Carols Site and giving me a chance to enter and win the book.

Mia Watts said...

I love men. Men behaving like men, alpha and strong and uncontrolled by lust fascinate me. Glad you enjoyed. Am happily putting every commenter since contest began last week, into drawing.

Rassles said...

Damn girl, you racey. Nice.

Anny Cook said...

Goooood excerpt!

Danielle said...

Wow Mia...this sounds hot!! I do like a good vampire novel and this definately meets it...this is a must have for me!!

Molly Daniels said...

Very interesting, Mia:)

Cathy said...

"alpha, strong, and uncontrolled by lust", yep that would be my favorite kind of hero.


Amy S. said...

sounds good

Afton Locke said...

This sounds really hot and intriguing. Vampires are popular!
I like the layout of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Counting the Hours!!! I Made my Wish List for all the books i want... Again Mia Yours Tops my list.. You are Ranked up there with The best i have read!!! You should be tickled with Your new book i know i cant wait!!


Morelen said...

Wow, really hot excerpt.
Is the MMF part minor?

flashlegs said...

Put me down for a chance to win a free copy of your new novel Claimed by Darkness.

Linton Lewis

Mia Watts said...

Indeed. I am quite flattered. New and at the top is an honor. My thanx.

Morelen, yes. There is one m/m/f scene midway. Beginning has one m/f and another semi m/f. Hard to explain. Main character romance is between to alpha men.

Flashlegs, would be pleased to include you.

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