Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Winner: JUDY
Judy, contact me via email for your free copy of Claimed by Darkness

Hairy Patterson drew the name. Confess it was post nose rub to back of wrist and punctuated with liquid sucking in the sinus cavities. Had him read off name as did could not bring myself to touch paper. I tell you this to reject all responsibility for results. Is possible liquid snorting was luck-inspiring. Will not make judgment but accept results for all contestants were worthy. My thanks for making my first book release memorable.

Still want my book? Go here: where it will be listed on New Releases, today.

Other shit: New neighbor moved in Sunday evening. Name unknown. Intellectual sort. Seems quiet. Wire-rim glasses. Not traditionally attractive, but rather approve of the ragged hair. Is completely unlike D, at work. Will Mia have to choose?

Note to self: "Mia, kick off early today. Take L and N out for drinks. Book release deserves celebration."

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