Thursday, December 30, 2010

HEY! Good news!

I have two new book contracts. I don't remember if I posted the first one, and I'm too lazy to go back and check, so I'm putting them both up here right now.

About two weeks ago, I was offered a contract from Dreamspinner Press. My book, tentatively named Faking Perfection, is the first in what will be a Men of the Cloth series.

Last night, I accepted a contract from Amber Quill Press, for another book, tentatively titled, Wrong Number, Right Guy, for the first in yet another series. I'll disclose more once the ink dries. As it stands, this second book is looking like a late March, early April release.

I'm currently finishing up Boiling Point for the January 26th release date at Resplendence Publishing. Then I move on to a new venture...

I'm reviving a former pen name to finish off the Faerily Imperfect series with its menage book, Hitched, and some of the Darkness series where men and women appear together. Mia Watts is going strictly male/male as soon as possible. That will definitely include some male/male/male works.

The revived pen name will pick up all other menage dealing with women (although there will be hot play between the men in some cases), and any male/female erotic plot lines. The idea is to differentiate the two so that readers know where to go and know what they'll get.

...this is why I posted about the 16 books this year. The revived pen name will also be striking out on its own with yet another new publisher and some oldies but goodies. Once I have more word on that, I'll let you know that identity.

In the meantime, look for books where I co-author a single book (not anthology). That co-authorship will actually just be me in two different names. :)

I'm excited! This is quite a way for me to spring off in a new year. I see nuthin' but blue skies ahead!


Amber Skyze said...

Congrats on all the wonderful news. Amber Quill, I'd love to break in there! :)
Can't wait to learn your new identity. lol

Chris said...

Congrats! DSP and AQP - not shabby at all!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Happy New Year - hope 2011 is amazing for you. Hey, your name is on my post today! Love you!