Monday, January 3, 2011

What They're Saying About Knight's Fall

It's not often that I post reviews. However, this one tickled my fancy and I had to repost.

Queer Magazine Online
Rejection is painful under any circumstances, but when it comes from those whom you love and trust, it's devastating. It can overshadow your whole existence, tainting your judgment and causing you to retreat into a shell of apathy. However, is it better to hide behind a mask of indifference, letting everyone think you're a scoundrel just so you don't have to face rejection?

Andy Powell, in 'Knight's Fall' by Mia Watts seemed to think so, that is until he meets confident, no nonsense, Liam Knight. At this point, Andy has a choice to make; he can either continue his act and play it safe, but lonely, or take a leap of faith and allow himself to be vulnerable, giving him the opportunity to be accepted for himself. Mia Watts did a wonderful job of portraying Andy's emotional journey towards truthfulness. I liked the way she made Andy stand out, such as giving him red hair instead of something ordinary like brown. She went out of her way to show that he was special, unique even, though he hid insecurity.

Liam's tough love was amazing; he refused to enable Andy by allowing him to continue being something he wasn't. Liam had seen the 'real' Andy and wasn't going to settle for less. At the same time, I absolutely enjoyed Liam's gentle, loving side, the care that he took with Andy, letting him know how truly special he was. “And sometimes,” he whispered, stroking the hair off Andy's forehead with the softest touch. “Sometimes, when you think no one is looking, you're this amazingly gentle, kind, resourceful guy with insights into human behaviour that I've rarely seen.” Could he have said anything more heartening? I held my breath as I watched the barriers slowly, but surely, crumble and cheered wildly as the trust began to build.

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Knight's Fall'. It's a well written love story with a psychological twist, adding depth that other stories lack. I recommend it heartily. 

Thank you!

I'm also pleased to tell you that Knight's Fall received a Reviewer's Top Pick award from Daisiemae at Night Owl Romance. Thank you, Daisiemae!


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Congrats on the great reviews!

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Patting you on the back. Yay Mia! Great review.

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