Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Links and stuff and fun and busy work. Oooo you look so busy.

OMG! I saw this on my AOL news page and I have to beg you to go read, then watch the video clip at the end. The. Best. One. EVER.

Also... I updated my website. It loads a bit slow, but I love it. The amazing Kris Norris did all the work, got all the stock photos (Yes, Chris, I said it), and altered the template to be exactly what I wanted. What do you think?

A while ago, I was challenged on this blog, which I love. I've been a bad Mia with my schedule lately and I offer up my apologies. I haven't forgotten. I'm going to spend my free moments working on the end of that challenge piece today. Hopefully, I haven't pissed Kris off too much by the delay.

I'm blogging at the Evo blog. See how many links and procrastination efforts I'm providing for you? Like I said, I'm a giver. ;)


Kris Norris said...

Ya know Mia,

I might be biased just a bit, I LOVE your new website. I think it rocks!!!

Oh, and Bron said it loaded just fine for her.. we'll work on that.

Okay, off to check out EVO and your other links, cause yeah, I'm supposed to be finishing a book...


Chris said...

Oh, your new site is gorgeous!! And hey, I only recognize a couple of the photos. ;)

Thanks for the Daily Show link - that was *blip* hilarious!

Kris said...

You haven't pissed me off, although just warning you that you will if you keep apologising. I'm also dying to see what you do with a pink g-string. LOL.

J said...

Absolutely love the new web site design. Very professional, very nice.

mwv: nowse
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