Friday, September 18, 2009

Who's that man?

I'm looking for a specific cover model. Not a cover model actually but a model nonetheless. I found him on istock and could not locate any additional information. However, he is the image of the man I see when I think of Oz, my character for Open Sesame (out January from Resplendence).

Have you seen this man? Do you have information on him?

Here is the snippit from the manuscript (unedited):

(He) stood off to the side, forcing Alister to completely look away from the first three to see him. Like the others, he had an olive complexion with a head full of dark straight hair. This brother’s hair swept off his face to skim the top of his broad shoulders. Trimmed but unrelenting black brows slashed over his mahogany colored eyes with very little arch.

The color reminded Alister of finely polished wood reflecting undertones of reddish tints. Like the lit glass of port had been spilled over one of Cassimer’s antiques. Chiseled and angular, there was nothing pretty about him. He was beautiful, startling, in the way ancestry had selected the best traits and bestowed them on this man.

Alister couldn’t help but stare. The white dress shirt had been rolled up his forearms, tucked neatly into charcoal slacks. He stood an inch taller than Cain, with a silence of conserved energy and motion. As Alister watched, the man folded his arms across his wide chest. Letting his gaze fall, Alister noticed the substantial disturbance in the line of the man’s slacks.

“You’ve recognized Cain. Now you’ve met Reed. Jeret is the one with the gun,” the man smiled knowingly, as though he knew Alister waited to discover his identity.

But he did know it. The brothers had been on the cover of Forbes this time last year as the Who’s Who millionaires in the business world. The cover shot hadn’t done him justice. Oscar Adamo looked like sex.

“Oscar,” Alister said, controlling his features so as not to give away the blatant sexual admiration that the panting, drooling animal in his head demanded he reveal. His other head had no such compunction and aside from the way his bound arms pushed his torso forward, partially obscuring Alister’s groin, there was no stopping his obvious physical response. Alister’s cock wanted to make like a homing pigeon.

Oscar’s smile widened. “Oz.”


Molly Daniels said...

He resembles Michael (blanking on last name) from original 3 Musketeers (D'Artanyun) and Logan's Run...shit. I'm gonna have to go to IMDB now...

Molly Daniels said...

Michael York.

Regina Carlysle said...

He's gorgeous. Looks Native American to me. Sure wish there were more Native American models.

Julia Barrett said...

I wish I did know. His face is marvelous!

Amber Skyze said...

I don't know who he is, but if you find him will you send him to me? pretty please. :)

Love the excerpt. This is gonna be another hot one!

Mia Watts said...

He is definitely Native American. I found him under that search criteria and he is GORGEOUS. If I find out who he is, I'll definitely share.

Thanx Amber!

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