Monday, September 21, 2009

I need claws

Poison Ivy? Possibly. I haven't an idea where or how or what the series of spots on me are. All I know is they itch like hell-fire. I looked up the ivy family of rashes on WebMD and, because of the stress level here, shingles. Neither look like what I have. If I didn't know better I'd say a gang of mosquitoes bit each side of my waist, elbow crooks, behind my ears and one eye. Unlike mosquitoes, they aren't all round but appear as mini-hives or some such. I'm not allergic to anything either.

It's pathetic looking and highly annoying.

Any ideas what this might be?


Vgrrl118 at said...

Have you eaten something new, changed soaps, detergents, fabric softeners or perfumes? It could be a mild allergic reaction to any of them called Contact Dermatitis or if it is stress induced it could be Hives. When my stress gets really bad I sometimes breakout in hives. Try Topical Benadryl spray.


Molly Daniels said...

Uh-oh...sounds like scabies. Email me off-loop and I'll tell you how to treat it.

Did it start at your waist? Itch like mad at night?

Mia Watts said...

Just looked up scabies. Nope, doesn't look like that nor behave like that. It's also not that comprehensive. There are small patches in two spots and individual raised parts in five places on one arm, two places on another. My eye is swollen and crepe-y and there is a raised chain of bumps over an eyebrow, trailing down the middle of my bridge to the below the tear duct. Itches like mad constantly.

My doctor phone prescribed a medicated ointment I've never heard of. It stops the itching but the bumps are still there.

Valerie, benadryl didn't work. I tried that first before calling the doctor. Nothing new going on here. I recently got over the flu and the cough still sounds bad. I wonder if they are related?

Rassles said...

My guess would be shingles or cancer, but then again, my guesses always include cancer.

Amber Skyze said...

Oh #$%^ I have no idea, but I hope it clears up for you quickly!

Julia Barrett said...

Chiggers. Where have you been? They love to get around your waist and in armpits, crook of your elbow. Either that or a dermatitis of some sort - stress related? Usually if they itch like hellfire, it's chiggers. I used to get them when I lived in the Midwest. If it's chiggers, once the scab forms, they fall out. You know what they are, right?

Mia Watts said...

Chiggers are little red bugs that burrow under the skin. Waist, ankles, etc and hop on when you walk through grass.

Work and the apartment. Nowhere else. I'm definitely under stress. More than ever. Dermatitis due to stress perhaps.

Or like Rassles said. Cancer. Because I like to think positively.

Julia Barrett said...

It's not cancer! It's probably a viral mediated rash related to your recent bout of the flu and it will be gone in 1-2 weeks or sooner. Sometimes viral rashes last a month or so. Stress makes them worse. You don't have scabies and shingles hurts.

Mia Watts said...

Ooooo... mediated rash related to your recent bout of the flu.... you know how I love it when you talk doctor to me.