Thursday, September 17, 2009

silence of the lengua

I saw a post recently that listed three things the author never wanted to see on a blog. They were personal medical procedures, politics, and bashing. I argued one point in the midst of the political negation. She said she thought readers didn't want to know what an author thinks or believes or experiences, they only want to know about the next book or how they write what they write.

So let me put it to you. Do you care about what authors think and experience outside the realm of writing? Are there topics, not listed above which you are sick of reading or never wish to read about?


Julia Barrett said...

I will be nonPC - I am interested in what author's have to say. I don't need to know that they have diarrhea or some shit (no pun intended) like that, but if an author has an opinion I have no problem when she expresses that opinion. I may not agree, but the fact that a romance author has a brain and knows how to use it doesn't bother me. With one proviso - no gossip, no outright false statements, and if you're going to talk about political subjects, be prepared to take a lot of flak. I also think it's bad form to criticize another author. But, I'm not going to judge someone who does it.

Jewelstir said...

I think that it is human nature for a person to want to find things that they have 'in common' with others as a way to bond. Politics can be such a 'hot emotional button', I can totally understand why an author shouldn't/wouldn't talk about it. Does an author really want to run the risk of alienating some of their fan base?