Tuesday, September 1, 2009

surprises for everyone

There's a chat today between authors and readers and anyone else who's interested. Prizes to be had and excerpts to enjoy along with great conversation. Have questions? Ask them. We aren't afraid, we welcome them. Join us 5-8 Pacific, 6-9 Mountain, 7-10 Central, and 8-11 Eastern, at the Romantic Gems Yahoo Group.

My editor sent the official cover for Mind F*cked and I must say, I love it. She used two of the stock photos I requested, excellent graphics, and a darkened background that perfectly works with the concept of the story. I also noticed that my name uses similar coloring to what's on my website. I'm debating whether or not to blow it up and frame it on my wall. I've yet to do that with my covers but this warrants special treatment, don't you agree?
2nd surprise: In the above and in the second book of the series, which will be male/female, I am working with someone to give every buyer a special gift. It's difficult to explain without giving it away, but there will be much incentive to purchase. Because each book will stand alone as its own complete story, readers who do not cross the genre barrier need not fear doing so.
3rd surprise: Well, this one is mostly for me. I've begun intense work on Faery Surprising. The opening sequence begins with quite a bang. I'll post the first few lines once I'm further along.
4th surprise: Actually this one is for me as well, unless you have been avidly awaiting the release of books in a particular order. My editor has changed it up a little but for very good reason. The new order shows the release of Bound by Darkness, the second book in the Darkness series begun at Ellora's Cave and continuing at Resplendence. With the other books coming out in quick succession, we were still able to fit Bound sooner than anticipated. Here is the new publication release date list.
...(starting at the point of change from the list on the right)
04/13/10 Hitched
05/11/10 The Crush
06/22/10 Kiss and Tell
08/10/10 Bound by Darkness
09/14/10 Unscripted
10/19/10 Catalyst
11/30/10 Tempted by Darkness
01/11/11 His Bestfriend's Wife
02/08/11 Lord Captive
03/15/11 Delivered by Darkness
05/17/11 Faking Perfection
06/28/11 Time Warped
I'll post blurbs about each as time grows nearer.


Anny Cook said...

Excellent cover. Like those fellows very much.

Amber Skyze said...

Two tasty men - yummy. Congrats on all the good news.

Regina Carlysle said...

Great cover. Try Kinkos for the BLOW UP. They'll put it on foam board for about $40

Mia Watts said...

Regina, thanx, that's a great idea.

I've been really pleased with the cover art through RP. I'm glad you like it too!

Molly Daniels said...

Oh crap...missed the chat! Found the digests this morning! I really should check my other email more often...

Hope a good time was had by all!

Like the cover, btw:)