Wednesday, September 2, 2009

designing women

If not for a migraine, I'd have posted earlier. My apologies as I do indeed know how to pre-post, but didn't plan ahead.

Women. Hm. This isn't a topic I discuss overmuch. However, as a girl I watched reruns of a show called Designing Women. I think they suit nicely for stereotypes. You have the Loudmouth, the Vain, the Sassy, and the Naive represented. For those who write male/male you also have the smart-assed sensitive but practical effeminate (that would be the male among them and while he isn't gay, he had passable attributes).

The Loudmouth - Traditionally drives headlong into the fray. She's strong, smart, sarcastic, loyal, and a bit pompous. If she finds a man she wants, she'll either club him and drag him home or test him with a battle of wits.

The Vain - The world revolves around her and her current mind set. She is there to be adored, look cute, and waits for her hero to sweep her away so long as he has money and a mirror.

The Sassy - Spunky, cute, and grounded, she still tries to break out and explore. She's not afraid, simply cautious. When she sees her man, she'll watch from the side until she's prepared to make a move, then fret over how to move.

The Naive - Blithely unaware that the things she says amuse those around her and the things she thinks confound them. She drifts between moments of vague understanding, letting the tide take her as it will. If she fears anything, it's her own naivete. Her man will not only have to make his intentions clear, he may have to write it in large block letters or stick figure diagrams.

The Effeminate - Is capable and silly, conscientious and sly, a risk taker and a companion. She (because that's what this blog is about) is sweet and no nonsense so if she wants a man, she goes about it in a circular manner letting him make the first move. When he does, she has no qualms with confessing her heart.

For my preferences, I like my heroines to have qualities of each. I want her to be smart, sassy, a little naive about her beauty, capable, coy, charming, surprisingly strong yet requiring growth to achieve it, and funny. Sarcasm is completely acceptable. Varying degrees of these traits can create entirely new individuals with complex personalities. The insecurities can vary, their methods of taking risk change, but ultimately they are likable, engaging, and desirable.

Give me this heroine and I will be a loyal reader for life.


Julia Barrett said...

I like me a strong heroine who knows her own mind and can stand on her own two feet. I do not like weak and/or stupid heroines who spend too much time on inner dialogue. Might as well pick the petals off daisies - he loves me...he loves me not. Above all, my heroine must have an off-beat sense of humor. She has to be picky about who she'll let in her bed and unselfconscious about her sexual identity. I don't like weenies - men or women. Hope your migraine is better! Thought provoking post.

Regina Carlysle said...

Julia Sugarbaker was my favorite.