Monday, August 31, 2009

melting mia? I think not...

Financial reports annoy me. You would think that being someone who appreciates order, who keeps a log of hours and a calendar for projects of all sorts, I'd enjoy the columns and rows of an excel spreadsheet. Not so. While I'm not incompetent with creating formulas for data, I protest the idea that excel can issue a "bad girl, no no Mia" bong if it doesn't like my information. If it were human, I could appeal to its logic. I could convince it WHY column E5 and C5 can be multiplied with G5 to get the result I wish for and NO IT BLOODY WELL ISN'T CIRCULAR!

I am considering a lovely outing with my laptop, Oscar. I rather think he will enjoy a swim about now.

Other shit: I'm awaiting the cover for Mind F*cked. I saw the proof and it is possibly the best cover I've ever had. I cannot wait to share it with you. I'm especially pleased because I picked out the gents on the cover by attaching their stock photo links to my cover request. And the script is stellar.

Other-er shit: My editor, Courtney, sent me edits of both Mind F*cked and She's Got Balls this morning. Both are to be completed and submitted this week. This is the same week I am to be well into Faery Surprising, a book I haven't begun yet. Well, not exactly true. I've begun it but word counts under 1k don't matter.

Other-er-er shit: My other editor, Michele, has asked me if I'm on schedule for the three books TEB would like to see. As I am yet completing Melting Melinda (and had planned to be finished Sunday), have not started the other two (needed January and March) I should say, "No, dearest editor, I am not." HOWEVER, my lovely calendar had allowed some leeway this summer of six weeks, knowing that the boss had many long hours planned for my day job. I'm pleased I did that because where I might have been far off schedule, I am merely smack on. Huzzah!

I'm eating my pork loin sandwich, lays chips, and washing it down with cool milk. I know it's early for lunch but I missed breakfast and I'm starving. And. bored of math. I've already seen my boss glare at me twice so I had best finish up and return to work.


Amber Skyze said...

I don't miss the world of spreadsheets and financial reports. Worked as an accountant for ten years. Moved over to IT instead. Good luck with all the writing projects. Hope you make your deadlines.

Julia Barrett said...

I'm very impressed. You have so much to do and I know you will get it done. Maybe you'll tear your hair out, but you'll get it done.