Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RELEASED! and releases...

It's official. Rights have reverted on Compelled by Darkness. All future works are reverted and therefore do not need to be considered by Ellora's Cave. They would contest. However, the law states I am free to resubmit where I chose based on their own contract language and the volley of communication emails. My lawyer is drafting said declaration as we speak. I'm FREE.

Further, I spent yesterday after the news, drafting and sending a proposal to another publisher. Based on that proposal, I have an extended line-up of releases. Work. Job security, no? I'm most pleased. Have a look.

10/27/09 Mind F*cked
11/17/09 She's Got Balls
12/15/09 Fairy Surprise
01/19/10 Open Sesame
02/02/10 Freeze Frame
03/01/10 Untitled (TEB)
03/23/10 Boiling Point
04/13/10 Bound by Darkness
05/11/10 Hitched
06/22/10 The Crush
08/23/2010 Eat Me (TEB)
08/10/10 Kiss and Tell
09/14/10 Unscripted
10/19/10 Catalyst
11/30/10 Faking Perfection
12/20/2010 Iced (TEB)
01/11/11 His Best Friend's Wife
02/08/11 Lord Captive
03/15/11 Time Warped
05/17/11 Tempted by Darkness
06/28/11 Delivered by Darkness

Busy work ahead. I shall be kept quite occupied. Note that the one month where I'm not scheduled to release, I have two the following month. Am feeling appreciated. Ahh, soothing balm after the battering I took. I have the best lawyer. EVER.


Jambrea said...

Congrats!!! Will these be going to Resplendence?

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Congrats, Mia!

Amber Skyze said...

Congrats, Mia! I'm glad you got the outcome you were looking for.

Susilien said...

WOW! That is huge! Congratulations.

Minnette Meador said...

So do a little dancing and then...get back to work! We all want to see them, damn it. :)

Jennifer Madden said...

Jeez! Hope you're taking a break to eat and maybe sleep a tiny bit in there somewhere.

Valerie Oakley said...

YAY, Mia!!! Now I gotta get out my TBB list and a pen, No more supporting the snarky B@#$* at EC.

Mia Watts said...

Eat, dance, celebrate are all in the schedule. I'm very pleased and excited.

Jamb- yes, all but three are scheduled with RP.

Guess I had better tackle the next project on the list. Thanx all, for stopping in to support!

Bronwyn Green said...


Fran Lee Romance said...

Well done...I am tremendously happy for you!

Julia Barrett said...

Patting you on the back, Mia. Go girl!

Molly Daniels said... many of these are already written? You go, girl!