Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gone Fishing

I'm sure I've read a quote about being "fishers of men" somewhere. I shall make that my priority while away. Lake Sturgeon, here come I with two women, booze, and a mind for mischief. Have you been to Lake Sturgeon? I sound far more confident than I ought. Wooded nooks, quiet lake, and small cabins do not equate to frat party atmosphere.

Either way, my girls and I shall be in paradise kicking up and sipping mojitos. Come summer, bring your worst.

*No blog tomorrow. Will be off fishing, or more typically dodging rain drops. Why does it always rain when I head north?*

Note to self: "Mia, this time bring an umbrella."


Rassles said...

Lakes and booze were like invented to be married.

Amber Skyze said...

Have fun!

J said...

Hmm, though small cabins at lakes in the woods smacks more of "Friday the 13th" than erotic girl-partying adventures, I suppose if the girls decide to "work" the psychotic killer to exhaustion before making their escape, you'd have the makings of a good erotic story.

Is it art that imitates life, or vice versa? I can never remember.

wv: dingsy

Mia Watts said...

Had fun and am now sun-burned in places that should never have seen sunlight. Considering the abundance of skinny-dipping, yes we did, I'm surprised the nearby cabin didn't call to complain.

Or they did and I just don't remember. Time to return to the writing grind. I did wind up taking off Monday from work. We'll call it sleep recovery and let it go, shall we?

J!! You're back!!

J said...

'Tis true, I am back. I've been swimming under water for a while, and now will attempt to swim along the surface for a bit, so you should see my head bobbing up and down on a regular basis.

You have quite the ambitious output planned. Kudos. Do you fear that volume sacrifices quality, or are you brimming with ideas and they're gushing out like water from a hose?

wv: mednessn
Madness! -n-

Mia Watts said...

I spew forth like a geyser. They also aren't full length novels. I've completed three (?) and already submitted them, so I've time to begin now in order to keep them rolling.

I've never done anything quite like this. Should be an interesting experience and will determine if I ever do it again.