Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Going to the beans

Have decided not to take Wednesday or Thursday off work for the lake. The matter was decided for me in the form of required overtime which I must make up for before Friday, should I wish to leave. Clever bosses for bribing us with a picnic beforehand!

Other shit: I am half a scene from completing Mind F*cked before I begin personal edits on it. However, I couldn't wait to begin She's Got Balls and the first scene is on paper already. From yahoo group feedback, the book is a hook. I'm pleased since this one will have to move quickly and finish no greater than 18k words. A challenge! But one I'm up for.

Other-er shit: L gave me a non-popcorn zone tile and stand for my desk. She says she didn't make it. I submit the dripping letters and half-impressed thumbprint on the glaze proves otherwise. I've threatened to run the print for analysis should the need arise. In the meantime it is proudly displayed behind my ivy and dead bean plan (contest earlier this year. I warned them I'd kill it so its death is not on my hands. RIP bean plan in Styrofoam cup).

Note to self: "Mia, presentation coming up. Be sure to wear either pants or remove your knickers before hand. Cannot have another disaster like before and have not yet located the pantie-thief from last time."

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Rassles said...

Well, at least you warned them in advance what kind of a horrible, dreadful life they were condemning unto that poor plant.