Friday, April 3, 2009

Interview with John Antorino

1. What prompted you to get into modeling?

Just happened. Not something I ever aspired to get into to. I was constantly being approached by agents and photographers as well as strangers and always would tell me how beautiful I was and that I should be a model. My friends and family also would tell me things like this. So, basically I finally decided to see what it was all about and the rest is history as they say.

2. What was your most memorable photo shoot? What about it made it memorable?

Tough one. I’ve had so many. Probably the time I landed work in Brazil. That was so cool. Getting to go there and work and meet some great people there. Not to mention get some nice free clothes and get paid well. Did I mention the beautiful women there. Yea that too.

3. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment during a shoot you might share?

No not really.

4. What is the biggest misconception about modeling you face?

Well I laugh when people say what do I do for a living and I tell them I am a model. They say but what do you do, what’s your real job? HAHA. They have no idea what goes into my lifestyle. The working out all the time, the diet and the traveling schedule and all the crazy nonsense we deal with. Oh and some crazy people too. It’s such a cut throat business and very competitive. It’s definitely not for everyone.

5. How did acting come into play with your modeling career and what which parts would we recognize you from?
I pretty much did everything I could do in the modeling world and wanted to further my career and do more. I wanted another challenge. I also think I have always had the personality to be an actor. I am not a shy person and have an outgoing personality and believe myself to be a natural. I’ve been on TV show Lipstick Jungle a few times, Court TV’s Forensic Files, The History Channel- Roman Times Re-enactment, TAG body spray commercial, Movie coming out soon- Ice Grill, USA. I have also been doing some cool short films and independent films. As stepping stones to bigger things to come.

6. Where do you see your career going from here?

Right now I am working very hard on my acting career. Auditioning for as many roles as I can. Doing short films, independent films, small TV and movie parts, and working my way up the ladder. Hoping to land some big roles soon. I am a hard worker and have a never give up attitude. So we’ll see what happens and how it all plays out. I am still modeling as well. Just shot for some more fitness magazines and getting ready to do a calendar soon. And hopefully some more romance novel covers to come.

7. Have you ever modeled for a romance cover?


8. Have you ever read a romance novel? Did you like it and which one?

I have read bits and pieces of a few. But never an entire book. I had to see what all the hype was about with the ladies loving these books for so many years. I don’t recall which ones. Sorry. I do know this though. The cover seems to sell the book. Hint Hint. Ha!
9. Would you like to pose for a romance cover?

I have done some and would definitely like to do more. Yes!

10. What does your daily routine look like?

Crazy! I get up early. Head to the gym for my morning cardio/abs session. Usually 6-7am. Depending on which coast I am on and how late I worked the night before. After the gym I head home to make breakfast and my meals for the day. Then it’s emails and phone calls. Usually I have meetings, auditions, photo shoots, filming….So that takes up the bulk of my day. I head back to the gym around 5-6pm for my weight training. After the second gym session back home to cook again and then study scripts and get ready to do it all over again the next day.

11. What do you count as your biggest life success and why?

I have a few. One being that I went back to college a few years ago and fulfilled my promise to my mom to go back and get my degree. I have a BS in Psychology and a minor in Nutrition. And the other big success would be that I’ve been able to help my family. My mother raised my twin sister and I on her own. Working two and three jobs to support us. When I got into this business my goal was to take care of her and give her things she could never have and take her places she has always wanted to go. Basically just give her a better life and make her life easier after all her years of work work work and taking care of us. And I am blessed to be able to do that now.

12. Where can I find out more about you on the internet?

13. What would you like your fans to know about you?
That I am more than just a model and actor and more than just a pretty face and a nice body. I take pride in being a good man in life. Very humble and down to earth. I am very much into my family. Dedicated to them completely. My little niece Morgan is my life. No matter what success or money comes my way I will never change.

14. Is there anything else you wish to share with us?

Just would like to thank you for asking to interview me. Thank my fans and my friends and family for all their love and support over the years. My career has been great! But hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, but nothing in life worth anything comes easy. So it’s all good! Keep your eyes out for me. And remember Dream, Believe, and Achieve!

John Antorino

Thank you, John. I'm certain that your dedication will pay off. Publishers, cover artists, John's contact information above is for your use. To the others, enjoy the pictures. Sorry gents, John belongs to the ladies though am sure he would accept fan mail.


Molly Daniels said...

Great interview:) Always nice to hear from others in the industry!

Hahaha...WV is 'phyntizi':)

silverpixies said...

*wipes her chin then hangs her head*
Girlie i was still drinking my coffee when i saw the first picture on Carols site.. If i wore panties i would need to change them.. He is as sweet and kind in the interview as He is HOT.. How i would love to be a fly on the wall were he works out..*sighs* Awesome Job Mia i am sooo Jealous!!!

Mia Watts said...

And he left us all his contact info. More pictures on his MySpace page. John sent me 18 photos. All good. These were my favorites along with two showing potential cover shots.

Silver. I have connections, baby.

Resplendence Publishing said...

Might I just repeat myself...


:) Leigh

silverpixies said...

CONNECT ME WITH HIM!!!! Darling the things i would love to show him do to him and done to me i just cant put here!! i do share Nicely so thats not a problem

Julia Barrett said...

Yummy interview. What a nice guy and what a great idea to feature a cover model/model/actor. I wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mia and John,
Great post! It's wonderful to see things from the model-side of things and to get an idea of the hard work that goes into it.

Regina Carlysle said...

I must say, though John is completely gorgeous, that as a mom, I am so impressed with his desire to make things better/easier for his mom. Seems a good heart beats beneath that lovely chest.

Fran Lee Romance said...

Well...I am more than sure that this yummy guy is welcome is, ON...ON my covers anytime! Hee hee hee (evil laugh). Seriously, great interview.

Thatnks for showing him off, Mia!

Mia Watts said...

You are most welcome.

Did just discover John has been out of country. He arrived back today. No doubt he will be reviewing the comments here. Thank you all for coming to welcome him.

silverpixies said...

does this mean i should go back and delete all the naughty things i wanted to do to him???

John Antorino said...

Hello All- Wanted to say thanks for all your sweet and kinds comments. Much appreciated!
Keep em coming :-)

Also, all and anyone are welcome to contact me direct.


John Antorino

silverpixies said...

You deserved all the nice things we said.. Honestly in my opinion there truly are few Models or actors who would take the time to do an interview like this and still smile when random strange woman drool over you *winks* Mia is a Wonderful person as are many people i have met in her groups.. We are Lucky to have her and We are even luckier that she was able to find and interview someone as Down to Earth and nice as You were John.

Mia Watts said...

Wish I could take credit, however John was introduced to me by a mutual friend. He was kind enough to amuse me with the interview.

Busy guy, our heroic John. Silver, never take back your flattery. I'm sure he appreciates it as he has welcomed direct contact.

Poor John was worried about typos in his comment. I assured him we'd not judge him for it.

silverpixies said...

Spelling doesn't matter to us.. i cant spell to save my life!! thank the Goddess for Spell check.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a nice guy. just saw a tweet that he's been seriously dating aj allyce gibson, also in the modeling biz...although she does the kind without clothes.

Anonymous said...

John is super cool. Nice down to earth guy always. With all his success most wouldn't be. And John doesn't have to worry about women. He has his pick always. And hey why not! He is a complete package. Try findin that out there in our world today. Good luck with that. Whata catch!

Anonymous said...

Yes, only problem with John is. And being with John is. First of all, he always has tons of women waiting in the wings for him. And once you are with him its a real downer to continue onward after him. He sets the bar of standards so high. So where is there to go after him but down. And to settle. No other guy could or would or will ever measure up to him in any way. Believe me I know from experience. He sure does know how to treat a woman though. A perfect gentleman always from day one to the end. So whoever gets to land him and keep him is truly a very lucky woman in life. Great interview John. You always give 110% and work so very hard.