Thursday, April 2, 2009

Raising Johnson's Cane

April Fool's day should be a religious holiday. I rather enjoy pranks and am quite disheartened that I drew completely blank on providing my personal entertainment yesterday. In honor, shall celebrate April Fool's day today. No one will expect it. It will make the set-up five times more pleasurable.

Tonight is bar night with L and N. Have not persisted in the tradition lately and am most ready to raise Cain. Or is it Kane? Cane? Hm. Whoever the hell he is, I am fully preparing to raise him. I leave you to interpret. Anatomy, seance, wrath, partying-spirit... your mind can conjure as it will. I'll not refuse it.

Something bizarre occurred. Johnson vacuumed with boxer-briefs yesterday. Winter is ending. One would think that if ever there were a moment to vacuum with clothing, it would be in the depths of January. Perhaps Johnson was bloated, premenstrual male, or feeling fat. Have no idea what to make of his pattern change. Called L immediately to comment and had to snap photo with cell phone as proof.

L pointed out that Johnson still had his wanker bits pulled through. She figured it was a fashion statement. Either way, he succeeded in creating a mystery which in turn made me look at him all the longer to puzzle on it.

Note to self: "Mia, should reward Johnson for semi-clothed state. He has at least made an attempt. Cross courtyard and slip a congratulatory card under his door. Hallmark claims to possess a card for every occasion."


Rassles said...

You know, I seem to remember Hallmark having a "Congrats on your wanker bits" card, which is not necessarily semi-clothing related, but seems applicable nonetheless.

Mia Watts said...

Ha! Excellent. Either that or perhaps he needs new boxer-briefs. The man has no shame. I can't be the only apartment facing who sees him.

Rassles: for the record, thanx for the defense. GoK may think it's me, but he's wrong and I'm sorry for his misunderstanding. I may play cocky, but I don't play mean.

Rassles said...

No problem, friend. I don't think it's you at all.