Monday, April 6, 2009

Ask and ye shall get more than thee bargained for

Am disconcerted. A review blog is set to review this space and I have no doubt it will go badly. In an earlier post, I noted that I liked visiting the review site occasionally to skim for ideas. By that I meant blogger ideas. The archive scroll down menu was a suggestion from them, as was the common note that red was favored by a particular reviewer. I happened to agree. The Pyzam link at the top of this page is another link posted on the blog which introduced me to new methods of layout I hadn't considered.

I tried to explain to someone recently that they can have whatever opinion of me they wish, it did not mean I would retaliate. Evidently not all can do this. Opinions, thoughts, views are all acceptable forms of expression. And all valid. Simply because I disagree does not instantly mean I have placed someone on my shit-list.

Did discover in the process of the misunderstanding (about which I rant) there are several reviewers who have blogs I truly appreciate. Personal blogs. Funny, clever, insightful, damn intelligent. All meritous.

I speak my mind freely. Ask my opinion and I give it. Hell, don't ask and I give it. I do not need to agree with you in order to find you of worth. To those who don't have this talent I say, it is not always about you. Grow some objectivity.

Note: "Flaming queso anyone?"


Molly Daniels said...

Morning Mia:)

I've had mixed messages about the opinion-giving, so I dole it out in small amounts.

More power to ya!

Mia Watts said...

This post is toned down from what it was. Had been rather annoyed prior as was misjudged for the sake of another's internet entertaiment but got sorted on Friday.

Now am simply going to state that all opinions welcome. The only caution I'd ask posters is in the level of explicitness which might result in their internet harm.

You've no worry of that Ms. Daniels. Best us luck with the vipers among us.

J said...

My general experience has been, ignore them. Completely. Turn the other cheek. What most critical people want is attention, to be noticed, even if that attention is negative attention. Engaging in banter, sharing differences of opinion, or escalating conflict is a waste of your time, energy, and focus. It's draining.

So, personally, when someone offers feedback, I read it, digest it, weigh it, and move on. It's really hard for me because I love to engage in intellectual intercourse, but generally I find that the intercourse you get on public forums is the equivalent of a rueful with a skanky ho. In the end you feel like you were robbed, left with an icky feeling, and you know it's something you shouldn't have done and will undoubtedly regret later.

Not that I've had a night with a skanky ho (ex-wife excluded). I'm just saying.

wv: inesse

Rassles said...

The group over there is full of assholes, for sure. I mean, I don't know if you read the comments after my review, but I got fucking destroyed. It was hilarious.

Half the time, those critical, nigh-abusive comments have absolutely nothing to do with the person they're about, and in the end, it's just an exercise in randomness.

So the review itself will be constructive, I think. Usually the comments are just a competition to see who can get everyone to (a) laugh, or (b) play along.

And that's how I see that. Still, I hope this doesn't make you disappear. I don't think it will, because weakness isn't really your thing. Because I dig this.

Mia Watts said...

J! I am ridiculously pleased to see you back. I've missed your wit and dagger-like insights.

Rassles, never fear, it might cause a stutter in my step, but I shall not be put down like a limping bitch in heat. Even if the review sucks donkey there is nothing which will shut me up now.

I seriously love this too, by the way. Much more diverting.