Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sex and Death

Best quotes from a movie: Sex and Death 101
"A man would rather have another man's jealousy than another man's respect." (Rod Blank, in regard to having an attractive woman with him.)

"Excuse me for feeling that love is more than a sloppy fusion of genitalia."

"...In conclusion, I refuse to live in a world reduced to one question: Have you fucked her yet?"
"That would be a no."

Other shit: W-r and M may no longer be an item. Have not seen them together for some time. Am also perturbed that new neighbors below me make little noise. Cannot determine more than the occasional television volume increase or door slam by teenage son. Son, R, sullen and unsmiling. Curious one that boy. Will keep my eye on him. Seems subversive. Could be interesting.

Other-er shit: Where is Patterson, building maintenance man? Have not seen him in days.

Note to self: "Mia, perhaps young R has murdered Patterson. Perhaps have watched too many horror movies of late. Challenge lift riders with knowing looks and randomly announced, Ah-has."


J said...

Sex and Death 101? My dear Mia, what you do in your free time, for entertainment...

Garbage in, Garbage out.

That said, great quotes!

Judgementally yours (emphasis on the mental)...

wv: nohysfoa
no hysterical foam

Anny Cook said...

Really like that second quote. Really. For one thing, every part of it is true--especially the "sloppy" part.

Mia Watts said...

Movie was intensely shallow and annoying. Two thirds of way through, that gem came up. Thereafter began watching for quotes over plot.

That was my favorite one as well.