Monday, March 9, 2009

Poor Washer

Had no expectation of the extent to which Claimed would be received. Am still amazed at the sheer number of favorable letters coming in. My thanks to all.

Spent weekend completing book two of above series. New neighbors have not humored me with interesting gossip as yet. Will continue to hope. M, across, appears terrified of their closed door. Darts glances and scuttles away like a rat. She has been neglecting the washer again. Poor washer. Plan to decorate open lid with multi-colored condoms and "cum again" banner found at local sex shop. Yes, am cruel. Tell me you don't wish to be a fly on that wall.

L has new girlfriend. Not sure of continued duration of relationship, as girlfriend appears clingy. L hates clingy. Heard girlfriend whine regarding L's time spent with me. Have decided I hate L's girlfriend and will create voodoo likeness should she get out of line.

Note to self: "Mia, play with L's hair in girlfriend's presence to annoy girlfriend. Mia, L, and N are package deal. Better she become aware of such before L drops her cold."

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