Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mia goes to Utah?

Cool shit: Am being interviewed by the Utah Examiner. Utah. An M/M erotica writer interviewed in the Utah Examiner. Take a moment. Let it sink in. Am told some portions altered for audience. Should be interesting.

Curious? Want to know more about Mia? See article author's blog page: Fran Lee or the Utah Examiner link here.

Other shit: New neighbor does indeed live alone. Had thought roommate also moved in, however second male was brother. Success, Mia! Wire-rim wearer has name similar to another. Will have to find new way of distinguishing him. Perhaps by last letter of name? Alas. Same as first. For now, will refer to him as W-r for ocular wear preference.

W-r found me decorating washer. Yes, I did decorate. W-r has endearing smile. Think I scare him. Just as well, should not screw where you sleep. Another reason one-nighters are preferable to long-term commitment.

Spent endless hours creating dream home on work's paint program. Looks suspiciously like current apartment. Must be creature of habit as am not certain can give up neighbors. J. Score points for you. Psychiatrist in your spare time?

Note to self: "Mia, attempt psychological experiment. Play shy. Take notes over five day period on W-r's behavior. May be fodder for next book."


Rassles said...

Good luck on that interview. So the neighbors are decidedly single? Very exciting, my friend.


Mia Watts said...

Interview is up. Oddly, interviewer added tags like "oh my" and "LOL" and !!! which aren't common to my usage. Wonder if that will become a chipper disappointment for those who know me. Have image of jumping up and down, clapping.

All in all, not much else changed. My answers were left in tact for content. If readers of MiaWatts (whom I see in my counter) wish to do so, visit Examiner and leave comments. Would hate to think I lack support.