Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday yet?

S called. Said he wanted to know if I needed him. Said no. I do not require another person to make life satisfactory. Am quite capable of sustaining self without involvement from S. He is persistent, however. I wonder at the ego required for one person to believe they are instrumental in changing course of another life. The bollocks required astounds.

Other shit: Supervisor popped corn. Slits to bags were not so impressive as had hoped. Only minor kernel escape-age. However, expression from soda and salt combination--priceless. Gave Styrofoam container with non-growing bean to prick two aisles over. Explained as he was full of shit, growth potential for bean improved at his hands.

Caught heel on escalator at lunch and landed ass up in lobby. Hands are completely scraped. The benefit, manager D noticed my distress. Downfall, manager D noticed my distress.

Note to self: "Mia, present scraped hands to D and request he kiss them better. Then haul off to local pub with L and N after work. Week ended and managed to best of Mia-bility."


J said...

I think we all want to be needed. While I don't walk around thinking "I know my girlfriend/wife needs me" and I accept that if I died, she would find someone else and get along without me, it is nice to know that she feels like she needs me, the key word being "feels."

Someone else feeling like he or she can't live without you is validating beyond compare, even if you know it's not true. You walking around believing that someone else can't live without is arrogance and um... "bollocks."

Every relationship has its share of hyperbole. I'm certain that just about every guy has told his wife or girlfriend that she gives the best blowjobs. Now, that might be true, but the root of it is, if a guy doesn't say that, well, chances are those blowjobs are going to go away. Because nobody wants to be sucking on her man's dick, thinking that he's thinking about some other girl who's done it better. A woman would likely avoid avoid blowjobs altogether, if that truth were known, and all guys know that an above-average blowjob is better than no blowjob at all.

Likewise, nothing will take the wind out of a guy's sail if he finds out that his wife/girlfriend used to have 8-10 orgasms per session with her last boyfriend who had a 12" cock that got hard again within 5 minutes of his orgasm and could go all night long (unless he's capable of such feats himself). A man, in that situation, will inevitably feel inferior and unable to compete, and most likely either lose interest in sex with said person, or find another outlet for his sexual needs, rather than feel inferior.

So, a certain amount of "I can't live without you" mentality seems necessary to keep the flames going, even if taken with a grain of salt. A refusal to engage in such hyperbole seems more a resignation on your part about the nature of your relationship with S, and an assertion of your independence.

wv: credn

Mia Watts said...

Gave fair warning to S. He knew I was not sold on a return to previous arrangements. This should not have come as a surprise. Felt like quite the cow saying so, nonetheless.