Friday, February 13, 2009

Alopecia Areata-look it up

Business: Two short free-reads from me are available at Resplendence on Valentine's day. One m/m and one m/f. Senior editor has requested additional works with proposals submitted immediately. Am looking at possible 5 book contract.

Other shit: Am full of positive energy. World conquering, mind-altering energy. Confident it is a result of altering normal pattern of girl-area trimming. Was inspired by pearl thong link yesterday. With merely a few swipes, have become South American and am quite impressed with general appearance and baby-soft texture. Am tempted to pet self but is not nearly as interesting as sharing the experience.

Note to self: "Mia, there is power in the razor. Today D is mine."


J said...

For some reason, images of Speedy Gonzales came to my mind, mixed with a weird eroticism. I know Speedy is Mexican. Clearly I am in an entropic state.

I tend to be more of a landing-strip kind of guy, preferentially (not for myself of course).

Five book contract! Pre-congratulations! Can I say I knew of you when you were just a humble quasi-bdsm teasing mistress on a little blog, before you became rich and famous?

Consider also that at the end of your life, whenever that is, do you want to look back and think of all the times you could have petted yourself, but didn't? It's almost 2010! Share the experience via web cam.

wv: fible
fibbling (I made that word up and I like it)

Mia Watts said...

Speedy Gonzalez? Think I dated him. Landing strips are for homing-challenged males. Might as well shave into an arrow. J with landing strip not a bad idea. Would assist in determining whether or not you are erect off-center.

Changing the hedge makes for a new Mia, strip, wedge or clean. Shall not pet self on webcam, angle is beyond awkward. And would only provide false hopes to desperate males everywhere.

Fie on you, Mia is no tease. Just have high standards. I shall claim you anytime, J. Take that how you will.

Regina Carlysle said...

Pearl undies???? Umm...interesting and fascinating.

Bronwyn Green said...

LOL kill me...and make me scare my cats with loud, snorting laughter.

Huge congrats on the contracts - you're on a roll! Heading to RP for some sexy Mia goodness.

Mia Watts said...

Ms. Green, have you not noticed the same "lightness of spirit" by altering your "do"?

Regina? J? Oh pardon. J claims not to cull out the weeds.

J said...

No no no, do not misinterpret friend Mia. I cull the weeds, just not into a landing strip.

wv: waysqu
I've got nothing, but I like trying to pronounce it.

Mia Watts said...

Am much relieved. Would hate for wife to get lost among the man-weeds, never to be found.

J, we are in 21st century, year 2010. Prove culling with webcam.

J said...

You are clearly a visitor from the future, albeit the very near future. Given my profession, you could never be sure if I wasn't redirecting a feed from a gay porn site, so such vetting is meaningless.

Mia Watts said...

Sloppy fingers. Not in that manner, J. Given your petting suggestion, felt was within the realm of discussion to suggest same webcam demonstration of culled J-fields for our audience.