Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kiss and Tell

Behaved at work yesterday. Therefore must misbehave after hours. Found new bar and debated offer of threesome with two university boys. Decided prospect more fun than fact, offered to watch them have off together and give pointers instead. Boys not amused. Bartender comp'd glass of wine for a kiss. Again. Am feeling confident in my coercion techniques with bartenders. Though only 21 days in, best kiss received all year.

Note to self: "Mia, see what bartender would comp if flashed. Perhaps request bartender to flash and comp him, instead."


J said...

It seems you have a quota for misbehaving? Is this part of some government subsidy program, perhaps? Or just the need to not let the inner demons pile up?

Free drinks for a kiss. The power that women have.

Magical: slyranto

Mia Watts said...

Indeed, J, such as answering blogs at work. Against policy.

Am bored with drinks for kiss. Needed to test theory on alternate bartender. With second success, am moving on to other things. Good kiss, bad wine. Am also thinking random kissing of strangers not wise as I do not know where his mouth has been.

Magic word quite appropriate given combination of sly and cilantro. Excess of good behavior creates backdraft for naughtiness, in sly-spicy delivery.

More popcorn at desk this morning. Eye is twitching.

J said...

It seems the pocket-cam plan has yet to be brought to fruition?

I'm afraid to contemplate where such rapid boredom will take you. Is this truly research of an excuse for elicit and stimulating behavior? Adrenaline junkie perhaps?

Do we ever truly know where anyone's mouth has been? Best not to contemplate that one too much.

Beware IT Managers who monitor blog postings at work. They are a crafy and elusive bunch.

magic verbiage: dedorswi
Door swing

Mia Watts said...

Am ditching the pocket cam as the mystery is far more intriguing. I enjoy the titilation.

Mouths and locations. A warming subject to contemplate. Hm. Will contemplate at length later.

For now, am a creature of temptation, where ever it takes me. Kissing bartenders, old. Flashing bartenders, not yet explored. Sensual pleasure is my weakness. *shrug*

Am considering a post for Saturday of excerpt from one of the March books. Does J read romance and if so M/F or M/M? Will post to your tastes as I like you.

J said...

I am eclectic in my reading. I tend towards fantasy, I suppose, a remnant of my youth (and not-so-youth) reading Tolkein, though I am a bit more discerning. I have less tolerance for "junk."

I just yesterday completed M.J. Engh's "Arslan", which was interesting, albeit vaguely unsatisfying. Before that I was reading a book about the life of Martin Luther, before that a Michael Crichton novel, before that a George RR Martin anthology, before that Ayn Rand.

I cannot confess to having read anything that would be defined as pure romance but essentially, I love a good story, regardless of genre. I have been known to read, um... adult literature? if that's a term, on occasion.

I suspect sensual pleasure is everyone's weakness; some embrace it, some avoid it. Others probably don't have many opportunities to embrace it.

I like you as well. Perhaps some day soon I will share my blog with you, though you will likely find it boring as it's more filled with pretentious philosophical insight (or lack thereof) rather than witticisms or adventure but it's a regurgitative work in process.

I must say that, given a choice between a kiss for a drink, or a flash for a drink, I'd tend toward the kiss (were I a bartender). Naked breasts are everywhere these days, but a kiss is a bird of another feather. Twenty years ago, it might have been different.

Wonderful word: smusises

Mia Watts said...

Indeed a good word. I see "sunrises".

Adult literature would be erotic literature. You're in luck, as I write it. Choice is yours, Claimed by Darkness is were/vamp romance between men. Couldn't resist a woman thrown in... twice. Bad Boys, detectives also male/male. Contracted Sex Ed, erotic short male/female exploring the female organism for sexual understanding.

I enjoy all blogs and lit. Wit has a place as does general discussion. My email is listed in profile if you choose to privately disclose blog addy for viewing.

And agreed. Breasts over-rated. I will never tire of seeing a male chest, no matter how commonly viewed. Kisses are far more intimate.

Mia Watts said...

J, out of curiosity, how did you find this blog?

J said...

This may sound disingenuous, but I honestly do not recall how I found the blog. I was Googling or looking at some blogs and literally stumbled across one of your posts. It struck me as humorous so I read on. I noticed nobody had commented, so I decided to comment. The rest, as they say, is history.

I would stop short of calling myself homophobic (some of my best friends are...) but I wouldn't engage in reading any M/M action for entertainment. I have a hard enough time (pun intended) dealing with my own penis, nevermind puzzling out another man's.

I am not at all opposed to short m/f, or tall m/f, or the occasional m/m/f or m/f/f.

Insights into the female psyche are always enlightening.

I am curious as to root of your apparent bent for m/m. Is this an extension of the philosophy "two heads are better than one", a specific niche you're trying to fill, or completely innocuous and perceptional on my part?

A woman writing about homosexual men seems much like a man writing about lesbians, by which I don't mean to cast aspersions. My experience has been that most women do not understand the nature of male wiring, and vice versa, regardless of the degree of study (not that the study is therefore rendered moot).

I can confess to having numerous observations about the "female mind" in the course of heterosexual relationships, if there is such a collective and stereotypical thing, but I often wonder if I truly tried to portray an honest lesbian character, if a woman would read it and say: "I'm not buying it, he doesn't get gay women." The age-old adage being: write what you know. Then again, the same could be true about trying to write about gay men (for me) but I could at least wax a bit about the feeling of an erection, etc.

I digress, but hopefully that's permissable in the grand scheme of blogging. All of that said, of the topics you listed, my adolescent inclinations would (steroetypically) lean toward the Hot for Teacher side, although I do love a good were/vamp story.

Word for the insomniac: aptor
one who is pretending to be "apt"?

Mia Watts said...

Yes, Actor is what I see too.

A reasonable question. I appreciate alpha males. I especially appreciate an alpha male who has to re-evaluate stubbornly held ideals. One of the toughest things I believe an alpha can deal with is the questioning of his manhood and what makes him a man. What makes him powerful.

Claimed by Darkness was my experiment. My first m/m. How better to work through one alpha's personal reassessment than to face him with with another alpha doing the same, and where neither can quite figure out how the other man redefines him.

Call it an author's social curiosity. More appealing than m/m intercourse, to me, is the initial stages of "what does this mean" and "why him when previously only women did it for me?" Another favored part of such romances is that moment when an alpha gives in to temptation beyond the scope of his logic-where he crumbles to passion and must recognize the point of his weakness in order to move on.

Perhaps it heralds to the question of soul mates or the darkest of taboos for a heterosexual male to address. Either way, it's a social query I've not been able to satisfy for myself. Therefore, I wrote another short (with tall characters *wink*) m/m, Bad Boys.

Bad Boys returns to the alpha male question where an unexpected drunken kiss tilts all credoes on its head. A new exploration for the author. If not acknowledged as attraction prior to the kiss, what happens to a strong, confident alpha who has homosexuality thrust upon him, and he's not repulsed? Ah. A twist to the previous experiment.

Men are delicious. Strong men (emotionally or physically) bending by force to something greater, speaks to me as a woman for his loss of power in the situation. That moment is sexy whether m/m or m/f.

As both are romances, they must, per industry standard, result in a happy ending for the couple of choice.

I've written other things but I appear to be good at m/m. *shrug* I have two works with contracts for m/f and I foresee another m/m as a third to the Darkness series. An opportunity for a fourth as menage m/m/f (industry does not accept f/f/m easily and I do wish to make money) also looms ahead. Not sure if I can deliver an m/m/f as have never written one before.

For the record, f/f not at all appealing. I can only think "messy" quickly followed by "unsatisfying" for the lack of internal possession. The appendages are wrong for this author. I don't judge it, but I don't subscribe to lesbianism either.

There is also the matter of the woman possessing the alpha within her body, that while she is captive by him, he is equally weak to her power over him. Orgasm is not called "the little death" for nothing. The sensual dance of man and woman-well, are there really any words? The sensual dance of man for man in my writing is merely for that initial quandry and the secondary self-analysis. Must have the sex to get from stage one to stage two. The in between bits (the actual sex) are purely for the reader who chose the m/m. I write it to please them.

J said...

Interesting. Perhaps it's a male thing, but I generally write to please myself. I appreciate positive response, and in the end I want them to be pleased, but (as I say in my blog) I'm not writing for your pleasure. Maybe that's un-American and capitalistic of me, or maybe I'm full of crap and fooling myself, since if I were
really just writing for me, I wouldn't bother putting it some place where everyone can see it.

I tend to stay away from what I call the "power games" of sex and romance (not mutually exclusive or inclusive). I've always held that women hold the true power. Point in case, any reasonably attractive woman, or even more so, any reasonably not unattractive woman, can go out on any given night and have a 90% probability of getting laid. That percentage goes up based on her willingness to lower her standards. Taking rape out of the equation for the time being, that equates to relationship power. Women make the choices, sexually. Generally, in my experience, most women (not all) tend to aim one notch on the man-hunk ladder higher than they are normally capable of attaining.

I have known many very attractive women who have miserable relationships because as soon as they find out a guy likes them, they lose their attraction for him. If he's into her, he's got lower standards than she wants. I can't recount the number of times I've heard: "He's really good looking, he's a really nice guy, the sex is great, he's well-hung, but..." More often than not, that "but" is tied to the fact that he was into her too fast too soon. These women invariably end up going for guys who treat them like crap or like they're not special, mostly because it seems to make the women feel like they're stepping up. If he acts like he's too good for her, he must be too good for her, so that makes him desirable. I know a woman very well (we were never involved) who had this horrible on-and-off again relationship that lasted 12 years. She really wanted to get married and have kids, but she was locked onto this guy who treated her like dirt, and she thrived off it. When they would break up (frequently) she'd date a little, but she was extremely pretty, and as soon as she met a guy, she was intrigued. But if he wasn't aloof and domineering, she immediately lost interest. If a friend of hers told her that he said he was really into her, her libido went out the window. She's turning 40 and seems to have finally shed Mr. Wrong and has started a new relationship, but her goal of having children is most likely in jeopardy.

Everyone has their drug(s), and sex and drugs can be very similar in their addiction and effect on the psyche. Sex can be a lifelong pursuit of the next high, constantly trying more and more "exploratory" things for that adrenaline rush until one day you land in trouble with serious life problems on your hands. The same with drugs. Start with pot, fifteen years later you're hooked on crack or heroine.

I think people with powerful imaginations are particularly susceptible to sexual addiction (though someone would put sexual addiction in the same category as breathing addiction).

Wonder word: elsion
noise level