Friday, January 23, 2009

For Accuracy's Sake

Trapped in elevator after work yesterday. Unfortunately, trapped alone. Otherwise could have been quite stimulating. Apartment building has become inconvenient. May have to look for new location. Perhaps closer to downtown. Wonder if I will be allowed to question neighbors of new building about habits. Must assure suitable entertainment for self should social life hit decline. What am I saying? Social life is in decline if debating elevator assignations and shower heads.

N and L have tickets to comedy club tomorrow night. Will take LRT, Light Rail Transit, from Glick's to MOA, Mall of America, to join up. Am considering jaunt to clubs around former Gay 90s area for research on upcoming book.

Note to self: "Mia, take camera and recorder for research trips. Offer to zoom focus and send copies to participants. Accuracy is a must according to other EC authors."


J said...

The people in your apartment sound so interesting, I don't know how you could bear to part. Like an author giving up on characters (or an entire book) midstream.

Mia Watts said...

Yes, I'm against moving for that reason alone. 43 minutes in the elevator did not please me.

MiMo has been disappointing lately. He does not do more than whine and simper. I've given up on getting him and M together. I did hear there may be a new neighbor moving in below me. I wonder how useful the air vents are...

However you found this blog, I'm pleased you have come. The visits here from viewers are numerous but they do not comment. Too bad. We could have quite the enlightening discussions.

Bronwyn Green said...

Guh! I admit it! I've been lurking like a madwoman watching these conversations play out - you two fascinate me.

Mystery Word: rackn

Brings to mind rack...and Mia flashing the bartender.

Also Cracken in a sea monstery sort of way.

Mia Watts said...

Ah. Bronwyn. J, the young lady above is also in the Hot for Teacher anthology. Gifted writer and thoroughly amusing.

I admire J's honesty. Topics such as these inhibit most yet he remains open.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Hello, Mia! Just found your blog and am catching up.

Mia Watts said...

Hi Cindy. Welcome.

J said...

Fascinating? That borders on flattery. Mia is the fascinating one, I'm merely a catalyst.

Truthfully I am glad to have left apartment living behind. Not that it's not entertaining hearing people having rampant sex at 3 a.m. while I'm trying to sleep, or hearing a drunken row where it sounds like someone is going to get his or her head bashed in and you have to decide where your breaking point is before dialing 911... I guess if I had well-endowed neighbors of the opposite sex vacuuming naked with the blinds open, I might have a different opinion. Or not, all things considered.

It is most likely a testament to your inventiveness that you make these people seem so interesting.

Word for the afternoon: valla
Valla Valla, Vashington (said with a Bela Lugosi accent).

Other people commenting! I feel like someone just walked in on us exchanging drinks for kisses (no flashing yet).

J said...

Oh, and I've never been inhibited by topics. I try not to be reactionary. Everyone has an opinion and values, and I'm not here to judge. I've had extremely... liberal? phases of my life where I've seen, done, and/or encouraged things that most would find shocking (including most who know me).

I've had conservative phases of my life where I've seen all that as a certain amount of moral decay. We're all going through phases and I try not to classify or judge anyone. If I think someone needs help, I try to encourage them and engage them intellectually because if there's one thing I've learned it's that nobody can change another person (other than to change their mood or their perception of you). Or perhaps I'm just not willing to embrace the types of methods necessary to change someone.

Anyway, enough meandering. I've had numerous gay men hit on me during my life, and never tried to punch a single one. It's flattering, but not tempting. I've known many women who would be considered "sluts" who are incredibly wonderful people. They just really like sex (and variety). Mixing sex with children and animals is about all that shocks me, being an almost-child of the internet age.

I fear I've hijacked the blog. Enough about me. More about Mia.

Word up: amene

Mia Watts said...

Mm. For a computer screen, you aren't a very good kisser and you don't tolerate alcohol well. Flashing you has got me nowhere. I think my charms are utterly lost on you.

Valhalla and Amen. You like mixed drinks then. I see Vikings and monks with those two.

However you classify yourself, J, I would dearly love to place you under a microscope. Rarely do people of my acquaintance speak their minds as freely.

Johnson bores me. The novelty of swinging bits admittedly caught my eye until he grew "cocky". *grin* The others are noteworthy when they are home to be noted. M, always. T, not as much. MiMo, I've said my peace on.

Patterson, my hairy neolithic building manager, rarely meets the eyes. Hard to determine the character of one who wishes not to be seen.

I wonder at the IT dept for not racing to my work space. The boss is away and I am having a day of posting. Perhaps IT is fascinated by our exchange and doesn't wish to disturb this curious tango.

J said...

I have no such worries since I am the IT department (though not yours) and I've already got almost 50 hours in this week, so I don't feel guilty for diverting for a little bit.

You are more than welcome to study me under a microscope, symbolically, and from afar. I promise to be honest, or at least to never intentionally mislead you. The joys of distance and anonymity create an atmosphere supportive of honesty, although I'm quite honest with those I know personally (perhaps moreso than they wish). In fact, in the past I have had significant relationship problems because I believe in total honesty in a relationship, and that's much, much harder than it sounds to some people. Some people would rather live in a nice perfect fantasy rather than a marred reality, and that's not me.

I believe we all intersect for a reason and have things we're supposed to learn from one another to help us grow. Whether or not we do is dependent on how open-minded we are, and whether we're looking for the opportunity. When I'm 50 I'm sure there are still things I'll be able to learn (or relearn) from a 12-year-old, if I keep the right frame of mind.

I'm actually more of a wine person, or have become one in the last few years. In my late teens I was a beer person, then I was a tequila person (and still can be in the right environment), but I must be getting old because I've settled into wine. There's a history of alcohol abuse in my family and I've always tried to learn from others mistakes rather than my own (which leaves me free to invent all sorts of new mistakes that I can lay personal claim to).

Weird word: rialla
cialis (Freud, are you out there?)

Mia Watts said...

Rialla- foreign currency Real,Rial
elson- Elusian (hm. sp) Islands.

"when you're fifty". Dear J, we established that you are a precocious 12 year old already. Beware of wine at your age. I, in my geriatric male knitting club, also prefer wine. I do enjoy the taste of beer off other people. ie. back to the kissing discussion. Perhaps as an anticeptic to where the mouth has been?

I endeavor to be honest. Not brutal, but honest. Your theory on women and sex appears accurate by my observations as well. Mostly. There are other women, myself included (if an 80 year old male knitter can cross dress), who find physical attractiveness well enough, but prefer warm eyes and humor. He will win me every time to the body builder in the corner.

It is also my experience that men proclaiming to think on sex every 20 seconds is a fallacy. Perhaps when imbibing or "out with the guys" but not as a natural state. Emperically speaking, I find men relatively shy beneath the arrogance some display. Rather like a peacock with a Chinese fan instead of a tail. Women with strong sense of self then terrify many away.

For example. Flashing the general be-suited male, average height and looks, would send him running away not toward. Flashing a body-builder is shrugged off as expected. But as I prefer not to feel cheap or common, the average man makes my knees go weak. When HE comes to my door, despite his shyness, I know he has overcome an internal battle to win me. A fairy tale to be sure.

Mia Watts said...

Another thought has occurred to me. You sound suspiciously like someone I know. Although age (you being 12) and sex (she being female) do suggest otherwise, you are after all anonymous with a capital J.

This friend resides in Minnesota, enjoys red wine, is an IT professional, writes what she chooses without conscious thought to the reader, and speaks plainly. Her blunt speech is one of the most valued characteristics as is her loyalty. Surprisingly, her name also begins with a capital J.

Might you be she, masquerading? And if so, you've been running a merry chase by having me on.

You speak well of anonymity and the freedom toward honesty. But you know, even if you are not my friend J of MN, who I am. One-sided anonymity is a lonely place to be.

Besides, I am quite curious about your blog. Put me out of my misery? I promise never to post as myself should you worry about bleed-over.

J said...

I just double-checked. I do in fact have a penis, and therefore cannot be your female friend, and I have never been to Minnesota. I shall pass the blog info along this weekend, I have to run to a meeting. And my expectation is that Mia Watts is a nom de plume?

Wally Words: redsosa
red sofa (bad mental image)
Sammy Sosa

Mia Watts said...

WW: Mimosa, redsoda

Tuck your bits away before you run. I can attest it is not a lovely sight and you did just double-check.

I look forward to your blog details. I will be posting excerpt for you this weekend. I'm curious for your thoughts.

Everything typed here is me. There, now I am naked but it was you who flashed me. Enjoy the view while I lift my wine glass in your honor. But please do not tell my 80 year old wife of my illicit-ness.

anny cook said...