Friday, January 30, 2009

Expert 2: Sex Ed (R)

Sex Ed, short for anthology Hot for Teacher, TBD from Resplendence. (unedited clip)
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(Mina's point of view) The emotional capacity to love and achieve sexual fulfillment to such heights staggered her. Would he be able to detach himself easily? Move on to the next conquest? Next lab exploration of female orgasm?

Oh God, just the thought of his hands on another woman made her want to throw up. But the other parts, his mouth in an intimate kiss, his body in a sexual dance over and inside another woman made her want to scream with frustration.

Mina hadn’t planned on going back to the office, but she arrived there. Her fingers held the doorknob to her unlocked office while her mind replayed other things she had touched and the strangled groans rewarding her curiosity.

Her nipples beaded and with a weak mewl, she released the knob and walked backwards into the wall opposite her door. The hallway, lit by dimmed alternating fluorescent panels, illuminated enough to vanquish shadows but not enough to suggest others were in the building with her.

She panted softly, imagining Derek’s hands on her body. She knew what it felt like now. Knew that he liked pinching her nipples as hard as she could bear, that he liked tasting her liquid arousal from the source, liked when she took his balls in her mouth and tongued his slit, liked nipping the backs of her knees.

Her panties dampened and she wondered why the hell she’d left him in her bed. She should be there now, tracing the underside of his thickly corded cock with her tongue and nibbling the rim around its head.

Unbidden her hands dragged up her body to cup her breasts. Through the thin silk shirt, she tugged her nipples as he had, imagining it was he who clasped the buds and pinched. Her thighs quivered. Snaking one hand down, she slipped her fingers inside her slacks, easing past the top of her slit.

She was weak for him. Incapable of thinking beyond him. “Derek,” she whispered, closing her eyes.

Her practiced fingers circled, dipped for moisture, and circled again with more pressure.

“Take it off,” he said. “Strip right here, in this hallway.”

She gasped. “Derek?”

He smiled wickedly. “You did call for me.”

“I left you at home.”

“And I followed. God what an erotic sight you make fucking yourself with my name on your lips.” He stepped up so she couldn’t mistake the lust in his eyes. Already his cock strained to claim her. “I said strip.”

Her lips parted as though to utter a refusal, but she drew out her damp fingers and unbuttoned her blouse. She let if fall to the ground. Dropping her pants, she then began to shimmy out of her green satin panties.

“Wait. Stop. Keep the heels on too.”

She looked at him from lowered lashes. A blush stained the tops of her cheekbones, but he’d seen the look before when he told her he meant to fuck her. She was turned on.

“Now then. Touch yourself. Pretend it’s me, love. Imagine your hands are mine and show me what you do in private.”

Mina locked eyes with him and slid her hand into her panties. He watched the satiny sheen of two fingers circling in secret. Then she drew them out, and wrapped her beautiful lips around them. Sucking off the liquid and tonguing between her fingers as he would have.

His cock throbbed. “Shit.”

“You like that?” she asked, turning the tables on him.

“Very much. Do it again.”

She did, circling, drawing out, sliding them between her full lips. This time she closed her eyes and moaned, licking her lips for added flourish when she’d withdrawn her fingers.

“You need to finish, Mina. I can’t wait much longer.”

“Don’t wait. Take,” she said.

“Not yet. Show me how you fuck yourself.”

Mina pouted but claimed her nipples with hard pinches and tugs. She cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples. Her breasts bobbed when she let go suddenly to rub down her stomach and her hand dipped inside her panties again. With one hand she pumped, with the other she lightly slapped her splayed body, gasping at the gentle strikes.

He wanted to see, damn it. Derek grabbed the scrap of fabric and ripped it off her. Her sex was puffy and red. She seemed to understand his curiosity and she slapped her clit again. It flexed, smited but swollen with the blood of arousal. Her fingers still pumped inside her and her angry clit begged for touching but her other hand had returned to her nipples to torture them with sharp twists.

His eyes locked on her swollen, red clit and her pumping fingers which jiggled it by virtue of stretching flesh beneath. “I thought you said you didn’t like it rough,” he whispered hoarsely.

“I haven’t before,” she gasped. “Oh, oh, I’m coming.”

Unable to resist, Derek pinched the swollen clit gently. Mina came, her hips trembled on the crest of the orgasmic wave until she sagged against the wall.

Note to self: "Mia, remember to by self leather riding crop."


J said...

Great stuff! Nobody writes women like women.

[takes copious notes]

Mia Watts said...

Requirement: Knowing what you want and how to get it.

J, will have test next week. Practise frequently at home with wife.