Monday, August 18, 2008

Editing Peeves

Authors are smart. They are. They can put words on paper to form a picture which is unique to their voice (story-telling ability). Is there some rule I missed which says a writer can't format a manuscript, use spell or grammar check, or recognize common usage?

Till= the thing you keep money in, NOT the shortened version of "until" which would be spelled, 'til.

There/They're/Their= Yes these words are different. There is a location, They're a collective of being, Their is possession.

Two/to/too= A number, a direction, also

Your/You're= Ownership, the state of being you.

Y'all is a contraction of You and All, not Ya and all. Mind your apostrophes.

And formatting? The directions in every house I've worked have been clear and simple. Is it too much to ask (note the two other versions of the above word to/two/too) for an author to pay attention and submit a work properly? Is it? It's like grade school with the hand-holding at times.

*storming off in disgust*

Maybe I'll find a cheerier day later this week.

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