Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Twelve Nights

Today is release day for me, as Katie Blu, over at Resplendence! Which will be posted on the site later today. This is a story based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, where Viola dresses as a man to keep her identity secret.
BTWs, Viola is NOT blonde and busty, she's sleek and dark haired. And Jeff Sarto is a corporate guy, not a boy wearing his daddy's suit.


Viola Leinmann is pissed when her twin, Sebastian, books an event twelve days before the kick-off and then leaves town. What makes it worse is that the new, way-too-mouthwatering-for-his-own-good boss doesn’t like working with women. But making sure her new company stays in the black is worth pretending to be her brother for a night.
Jeff Sarto likes Sebastian’s style. He’s a go-getter who’s self-motivated and makes him laugh. He’s also the key to getting the office hottie to go out with him. And that’s what he wants, until he meets Sebastian’s sexy sister, Viola. A stolen kiss makes him forget every rule about mixing business with pleasure.
But as the convention deadline winds down and his new friend Sebastian turns out to be Viola, can he forgive her for lying to him? Or has Jeff lost both his best friend and the girl to a hurtful prank?


“Sebastian! You can’t leave,” Viola Leinmann yelled after her twin.
“Sorry Vi, but I’ve gotta take this. We have to let me take this.” Sebastian flashed her his trademark smile and shrugged as he reached for the door.
“What about Sarto? You know he doesn’t work with women. You have to meet him for dinner tonight to discuss the event.” The phone rang for the thousandth time, and Viola noted the caller identification. “And your ex is on the phone. I thought you called her back already.”
Sebastian laughed and jogged over to drop a brotherly kiss on her cheek. “I did,” he told her, still leaning over her desk. “She just can’t get over the fact that I’m the fish that got away.”
“I can’t imagine why she’d want to keep dating that ego.”
“I’m irresistible.”
“And arrogant.” Viola snorted. “We just got the deal with Sarto Tech. It’s a last minute deal, and it’s huge. You can’t leave. You got the deal, and you know how he feels about working with women.”
Sebastian dropped a hand on her shoulder and squeezed. “If anyone can win him over, you can. Vi, you can’t expect me to turn down a shot at a Lexi Savage after-party event.”
The phone chimed again. Viola let it ring, though she and Sebastian both shot a glance and a groan when Jenny’s name popped up on the inbound call display.
“I can take Lexi. You take Sarto. His expectation of pulling together a convention in twelve days is completely ridiculous, and you promised him we could do it.”
Sebastian backed away toward the door, shrugging as he sent her his boyish grin. “Sorry, babe. I booked Lexi Savage too, and she’s got leads into the music industry that could make the business take off. Do you really want me to throw her under the bus?”
Viola frowned. “No.”
“Great! See ya.” Sebastian poked his head back through the office door. “And whatever you do, don’t tell Jenny I booked Lexi Savage, she’ll go crazy, and I haven’t decided if I’m getting back together with her or not.” The door shut.
“But, wait!” Viola yelled after him. It was already too late. “When will you get back?” she muttered pointlessly.
Sighing, she pulled up Jeff Sarto’s phone number on her contacts list and lifted the receiver before Jenny could speed dial the office phone again.
“Sarto Tech, Jeff Sarto’s office. This is Erik speaking.”
“Hi, Erik. This is Viola Leinmann with Premium Event Planners. I’m confirming Mr. Sarto’s appointment with Sebastian Leinmann tonight at seven.”
“Yes, Mr. Leinmann should be at D’Angelo Sargenti’s at least ten minutes before, to present his initial plan. Mr. Sarto will approve or alter the suggestions at that time. He’ll have approximately one hour to hear Mr. Leinmann’s plan for the event before his next appointment.”
“I’ll be meeting in his place,” Viola informed him. What was Erik going to do, cancel because she had breasts? There were harassment laws to prevent that kind of stuff from happening.
Erik paused a full beat before continuing. “I’m sorry, Mr. Sarto will only work with Mr. Leinmann as he agreed to the overall concept presented. Mr. Sarto won’t be pleased. If Mr. Leinmann is unable to make the appointment tonight, Sarto Technologies will be approaching an alternate resource. Thank you for your time, Ms. Leinmann.”
Goddamn she was not going to be dismissed twice in ten minutes. Her eyes fell on the pile of bills that starting a new business in full hardcore publicity had generated. Some were stamped with red overdue ink. They needed Sarto Tech, just as badly as they needed Lexi Savage and anyone the musician recommended PEP to.
“Pardon?” Erik asked flatly.
Viola pinched the bridge of her nose. She could pull it off, she knew she could. Hadn’t she convinced an entire party of Halloween guests that she was a man? Okay, a vampire with a lot of fake blood and pasty white face makeup. But she’d done it, and no one knew the business or her brother like she did. Since she’d been there when Sebastian had secured the job over the phone with a faxed in bid, she knew Sarto had never met her brother.
The pile of bills on the corner of her desk seemed to grow. They really needed this job. It would put them in the black if the Sarto convention came through. Jenny’s number lit up line two, and Viola sighed. She was going to kill Sebastian when he came back. Slowly. And with something rusty.
“Ms. Leinmann, has there been a change in plans?” Erik asked dubiously.
“Yes,” she winced as soon as she said it. She pressed her forehead into her palm knowing she’d regret this decision, but committed anyway. “Yes, I can rearrange our schedule. It won’t be a problem. Tell Mr. Sarto that Sebastian Leinmann will be at D’Angelo’s before seven to discuss the plans.”


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YAY! Going over and gabbing my copy. Happy Release Day.

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Happy Release Day!!!!

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