Monday, November 14, 2011

Hey Look!! Blogger let me in!

Okay, folks, I'm more than a bit annoyed with blogger. It seems every time I reset a browser to something blogger accepts, it boots me off again. The lastest was letting me log in, but not write a post. Then there have been the forced anonymous comments, because it doesn't recognize my password through Chrome, but through Firefox, it's fine.

I think blogger is a high-strung temperamental teenage boy. That's my professional assessment. Full of pranks and inconsistencies, only periodically boy-ms-ing (Hey they may be boys, but they do cycle. Every woman who's ever been married or had boy children knows this.)

Seriously, I'm so excited to post, I nearly forgot what I was going to say. I have new cover art to share. My book Twelve Nights, based loosely on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (think She's the Man movie with Amanda Bynes), releases at Resplendence on November 16th. That's this Wednesday. It's a m/f contemporary.

My book Good Will Hunting is a m/m super short story about Black Friday (requested theme) and will release on, you guessed it, Black Friday (November 25th) at MLR Press. The cover looks like this, which is universal for all the Christmas/Holiday shorts.

There's another super short story coming out as a Resplendence Publishing Erotic Gem. The release date on that is November 24th I think. I could be the 30th though. I'll post that generic cover as soon as it comes in.

Also, I was interviewed and reviewed for Faking Perfection (a book released earlier this year from DreamSpinner Press), at Red Hot Books. Here's the Review, which is pretty awesome actually. And here is the spotlight. Go on over and give me some love, please. When it's up and running. There is a book giveaway going on over there. Any Mia/Katie book is up for grabs!

I'm going to make a better effort at posting more regularly. Real stuff, not just promo. I'm dying to get in a comic again, but geez that takes HOURS to pull together and my writing schedule is kind of ridiculous at the moment. Until then, I'll try to think of something spectacularly clever for blogging.


Amber Skyze said...

Glad you were able to get in and tell us about these books. Can't wait to read both! :)

Molly Daniels said...

Whoo hoo! Another Katie book! Love both covers:)