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I've been a busy little Mia lately. I still post at every Thursday. On Tuesdays, I blog at Theoretically, I post at another blog on the 12th of the month. I have a fifty percent hit or miss on that one and I'm striving to improve. It isn't fair to the other blog writers.

To sum up, I'm happy to announce that Hitched came out this Wednesday at! It's the fifth book in the Faerily Imperfect series, "co-written" with Katie Blu. For those of you who missed it, that would also be me. Though it's the fifth book, it's a stand alone and doesn't need the other books to follow the story.

This week, I also sent in a contract for a super short story, Bet Me, that is in the works for AND I had another book, Acting Out, accepted (contract pending), from So, yay!

I made the unprecedented discovery that I'm ahead of schedule. Not just a little bit, but by five days--okay, now it's four because I had a migraine all day yesterday--which means I'm in good form for my writing. It might also mean I can return to regular blogging. The nifty thing about the schedule is that I planned on weekends and holidays off and I can still make my deadlines. That's new for me.

Resplendence recently accepted my proposal to continue the "Balls" books. It's the Handcuffs and Lace series of books that I wrote She's Got Balls, for. Under this proposal, I will have several more books, written in a similar offbeat style. All of them will have "Balls" in the title.

I need to update my blog, but the known release dates for the next several months are:

Balls and Chain – August 17 (RP)
Acting Out - September 11 (AA)
Policeman’s Balls – September 21 (RP)
Feral Lust – October 26 (RP)
Twelve Knights – November 16 (RP)
Prey Tell – December 14 (RP, Katie Blu)
Skin Deep – January 25, 2012 (RP, Katie Blu)

Brass Balls, By the Balls, Ballsy, & Cock and Balls are scheduled for 2012 already. I wanted to title Ballsy as Ballsy Little Shit, but it didn't fly. *sigh*

Here's a snippet of my latest release, Hitched.
Click cover picture for Buy Link

Half-faery, Willow Harper, is the youngest of the Harper siblings. Just like them, she has no control when her gift will manifest, turning her into an inanimate wooden object. Fortunately, she has Bruce, a full faery male who has the ability to subdue her gifts. Though she hides her heart, Bruce is been assigned to work by her side on every Harper Security case. It was only a matter of time before Willow and Bruce hooked up after hours. Agreeing to a no-strings relationship, they know that commitment just isn't for them.
Agent Kane Wilcox has been tracking the identity of an arts smuggler for over a year. He's reached a dead end, but Willow Harper moves on and around the target’s property easily since she befriended the target’s daughter months ago. What isn’t convenient is the way Willow makes him feel, or the unprecedented attraction Kane has for black-eyed Bruce.

As the case progresses, one thing becomes clear, Bruce and Willow want him. But how can they juggle a three person relationship and still catch the thief? Kane is in it for keeps. When the case is over, will Willow and Bruce walk away, leaving Kane standing alone?

EXCERPT (previously unposted):
Willow vibrated with annoyance as she stormed into the Harper Security offices.

“God, you’re sexy when you’re pissed,” Bruce announced.

“I’m not pissed.”

“You’re totally pissed.” Bruce grabbed her hips and pulled her ass against his rigid arousal.

“Pig,” she snapped, but she didn’t pull away. Bruce made her skin sizzle with awareness. Rather like Agent Wilcox made her want to shuck her panties and ride him like a shameless hussy. And that’s what really pissed her off. The rest was business. She could handle business. What she couldn’t handle, or make sense of, was the way Wilcox heated her blood with a single long look.

He had to know what he was doing. Flirting? She had not been flirting. He had been flirting. Pot meet kettle, jackass. How dare he accuse her when he’d been the one making that slow one-sided smile, looking at her with those sexy brown eyes, richer than any milk chocolate created by man, and looming there in his loomingness, all man-like and manly.


“Goddess,” he soothed, nuzzling her neck.

Then there was Bruce. He not only kept her faery curse in check with his faery presence, but his black-eyed gaze and tussled brown hair and liquid movements made her brain go to mush. It just wasn’t possible that there could be two men on the planet that she wanted in her bed, in her body.

Further confusing her was the fact that one man was all man, and one man wasn’t a man at all, but full faery. Maybe it was another part of her curse. Being born half faery and half human, she’d naturally be pulled by men from either realm, right? Fuck that! Fuck it!

Bruce’s hot breath puffed in her ear, making her shiver.

Willow shrugged out of his hold. “Not at the office.”

“You humans have so many hang ups. If we were in the faery realm, everyone would understand us getting naked and busy. Hell, we don’t even wear clothes half the time.”

“We aren’t in faery. We’re here. Here, we keep our clothes on in public—most of the time,” she amended. “We don’t fornicate where everyone can see us.” She blushed as she remembered one instance where she hadn’t cared if anyone had seen Bruce fucking her brains out.

He seemed to know what she was thinking, and winked at her.

“You wanted him,” Bruce said matter-of-factly.

She gave him a jaundiced look. Or she hoped it was jaundiced looking, and not queasy.

Bruce shrugged. “It’s okay. He’s hot.”

“Then you do him.”

“Sure, but only if you’re there. I like your pussy too much to give it up completely.” Bruce followed her around the desk. He pushed her into her chair and kneeled before her. “Perhaps a demonstration?”

Willow’s heart tripped on itself. Her office door was closed, but that didn’t mean anything at Harper Security. Walking in was standard practice. Especially when you had a sibling who could read minds, another one who froze time, a third who appeared out of nowhere, and a fourth who wandered around invisibly.

But Bruce already had his hands sliding up her outer thighs, pushing her skirt higher until he hooked his fingers in her nothing-lace panties.

“Bad timing,” she rushed unconvincingly.

“I don’t think so. I think that agent got you hot and bothered. I’m thinking you’re wet and aching for relief.” He wiggled his brows. “I’m here and offering.”

“God, Bruce,” she squirmed backward in her chair, yet only succeeded in helping him loosen her panties. “You like that he turned me on? Doesn’t that bother you?”

“Nope. It’s hot that you’re so in touch with your sexuality. Just imagining him taking your juicy cunt with his mouth while you suck me off—fuck, I’m hard.”

Willow’s mouth went dry. She’d always wanted to have two men at once. Now Bruce was telling her he’d like it, too. Her pussy clenched as her body got on board with that idea.

Bruce grabbed her hips and tugged her to the edge of the chair. He threw her slip of lace panties over his shoulder where they snagged on the pen holder. She stared at it, giving herself something to focus on while Bruce brutally yanked her knees apart, and cold office air touched her parted cunt.

“There it is. Wet, slick, and begging. I love it when you ask nicely,” he said addressing her apex.


Lasha said...

Do you have a blurb yet for Acting Out?

Mia Watts said...

Hi Lasha. :) Here's what I submitted to Amber Allure. Not sure if they'll use it.

Cree Radek is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. He’s unapproachable alpha wrapped in black leather and spikes, with ice blue eyes lined in black. He’s hard to read and all sex.

Evan Walker works for Cree as his assistant. Long hours and living arrangements make it impossible to keep things professional. So when things get steamy, Evan is an easy target. But for Cree, Evan is a lot more than a one-night stand.

Family business takes Evan away in the middle of filming. Cree wants him back, but Evan doesn’t think a celebrity can be faithful.

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