Thursday, February 17, 2011


Great cover, right? Hubba, Hubba.

I just finished Unchaste. And by just, I mean early this week. I've already done two edits on it, because I seem to have a thing for twisty plots, and it's been sent off to the final proofer, a patient soul who polishes and buffs my work.

This book was supposed to be finished before February 1st, since it comes out exactly a month later. As you all know by the date, that means I ran really, really, REALLY late. I totally didn't anticipate how difficult writing a three-way male romance would be. The pronouns alone are mind boggling. Then there's the potential overuse of names and body parts. And exactly how do you write a menage so that everyone gets a turn has a believable story ending?

I thought writing FU was tough, but at least I had a girl thrown in the mix, and she had a definite HEA with only one of the four guys. Part of the story bible in the *Phases anthology is that there not only be multiple partners, but that they all end up as equal components of the love stories. Not pairing off, but coming together (if you'll pardon the pun).

I have another story to write for *Phases. This one already has me groaning with the Why-the-fuck-did-I-agree-to-this-es. Why, you ask? Because it will have four boys. Yup. I'm a masochist.

Fortunately(?) for me, I have agreed to write a different menage as Katie Blu. Theoretically, this one will be done with much greater ease since there's a she involved and because they don't have to all end up as a happily ever after as long as two of them do. It's sad when I look at that and breathe a sigh of relief, don'tcha think?

After a week of sinus infection--which feels like I opted to press my face against the wall for no good reason that I can find--the pressure is finally letting up and I can think a bit clearer again.

Three books releasing in March. Not bad for a few months work. I think I'll go make some tea and clean my house today. Get the cobwebs out of my living space and my head before I have to bury my nose back into my (new) computer.

*Phases Anthology is a collection of 12 novellas, written by six authors. All stories must have multiple or more happily ever afters, and shape shifters. Books must also contain the phase of the moon for the month during which the book releases. One book is released a month, for the entire year of 2011. Unchaste, playing off the Chaste Moon for March, releases March 1st. Horny, Hard, and Hare-y will play off the Hare's Moon, and releases May 3rd.
All books may be found on the Resplendence Publishing website upon release .


Miranda Stowe said...

Wow, nice cover. Can't stop drooling!!

Chris said...

Very nice cover!! And... I don't recognize them. ;p

So, I've always been curious - is there a place that writers of menage can order super bendy action figures so they can mock out their sex scenes?

Jason said...

whew! wore me out. :) All that sexy smexing! YUM!

Mia Watts said...

Miranda- Les Byerley does a fantastic job! I think this is probably the best cover I've had yet.

Chris- Les also never uses stock photography. He creates shoots for the needs of RP, and then he pulls his photography together as cover art. All original! :)

Jason- WHEW! I'm soooo glad. I picked Christine's brain for your thoughts...because I was fishing for info since this book gave me a huge challenge. :) I'm really glad you liked it. I have hope for a well-received release now. Yay!