Monday, December 27, 2010

25 Things You Never Wanted to Know

I was tagged twice for a twenty-five things list. Supposedly, these people want to know more about me. The idea is for me to post twenty-five things, dreams, goals I have that people may or may not know. In the past, I've shied away from these. I mean, how much could you all really care to know, right?

Well, I WON'T be tagging twenty-five people to carry this on. That's just cruel and unusual.

Here's hoping I have twenty-five things to tell you...

1. (Geez. I'm already stuck. Maybe if I stare at the ceiling, I'll come up with something) When I get stuck for an answer, sometimes I stare at the ceiling until I come up with something (whew, not so hard after all).

2. When I was a little Mia, I once threw a rock into an abandoned building, wound up hitting this kid in the head, and then his dad screamed at me and said I was a child of the devil. Then I cried.

3. The last four men I've dated or (in one case) married (and divorced, thank you), have all gone into the ministry. Even guys who weren't religious before. I either drove them to it, or they just realize that the only way to do better is to go to God Himself. I'm just saying'.

4. I avoid taking medication until I'm dying. I hate taking stuff. No. I don't know why.

5. I lost the tip of my thumb, not once, but twice. While they look normal, the rounded tip on one is flatter than standard (only, apparently, noticeable to me), and the other is pointed (stop staring at it!).

6. I found exactly six white hairs in my hair this week. I've pulled them all out.

7. I lied two days ago. I'm not six and twenty. And "John" does know how old I am because I told him... that was one of those things I changed to protect the guilty. Or was it the evil. I forget.

8. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes because the dream was so damn funny.

9. I almost always remember my dreams, of course they are usually horror dreams and scare the shyte out of me. Which makes sleeping alone hellish.

10. My "nieces" and I are so good at accents that we often spend entire days in one type of accent and people around us ask us when we immigrated.

11. I once pretended I was deaf because the lady at KFC wouldn't address me directly and I thought that was horrible. Plus it was a college class project.

12. I see dead people. But not all the time. I blame it on Bronwyn and Halloween two years ago (Bron, did you ever tell your mom about the grave site and that man?).

13. I have blue eyes and black hair. I do have a widow's peak in the center, and I like wearing red (no cheating by getting all that from my comic).

14. Kris Norris is shorter than me. But that's not saying much because she's super short, eh? (and Canadian, which I enjoy messing with her about.)

15. Apparently, my nipples are young looking. I only know this from one of my roommates at a recent conference. I hadn't realized there was a difference. Are there like, I dunno, tree rings on them or something??

16. I miss talking to my blog friend, J, who used to comment here all the time and now I never see or hear from him. *sniff*

17. I really, really, really wish that Rassels would publish something. Her brain is fantastic and I'd buy ANYTHING that woman wrote. Hint. Hint.

18. I'm the happiest I've been in years, even though I'm flat broke and stressed to the gills (no, I don't actually have gills, although it is a relatively common deformity. Be nice).

19. I'm still half in love with Liam.

20. My mother says I have a weird upper lip. Full bottom lip and full center of the top lip, disappearing on the sides. All I can say is, they work fine for kissing, eating, and talking. Who cares about the rest?

21. Dimples. I have them. One in my upper right cheek, one next to my mouth on the left when I smile, a small cleft in my chin (not a butt chin, just a slight indent).

22. I loathe the color orange, which is currently on the walls of my brand new living room. I also eat orange M&Ms immediately following the ugly brown ones. Why? Because I dislike the color that much.

23. I was once kicked out of choir BECAUSE I sang. No shit.

24. If I could be enticed to mess around with a woman, I'd be all over Angelina Jolie. I just want those lips on me. I hear she has a brother with similar lusciousness. Must. Find.

25. I have never understood the fascination for Tom Cruise or Ralph Macchio. I am totally down with Val Kilmer and Carey Elwes... until recently... when I realized they hadn't aged well. However, Paul Newman was totally do-able. I'd even have held his teeth for him. And poured pasta sauce all over that. "Clean up on center aisle." Yep. I'd have been there.

Okay, so if you feel compelled to be tagged, consider yourself tagged and then let me know so I can come read all about you.


Amber Skyze said...

did you use sign language in KFC? :)

Mia Watts said...

Why, yes, I did! That was part of my annoyance because she thought I was deaf, she wouldn't talk to me. She talked to the other three people I was with. Pissed me off. There are a lot of hearing impaired people who read lips, but even if they don't, not looking at them while they talk to you (and I was talking at the same time) is ignorant. I'm gettin' all riled again, lol.

D.L. said...

Haha I LOVE this!
First (going with point #3), I'd like to say the only two boyfriends I've ever had were athiests until the week before we broke up, when they "found God". It's not why we broke up, but still a weird coinicidence. Where do I go from here?! I'm afraid to date another athiest, and if he's already found God, does that me the relationship is over before it began?

And that's so funny you posted about Liam- I posted that video on my blog only 2 days ago. Makes me happy everytime I watch it. He's legal now ;)

Mia Watts said...

Liam is indeed legal! About a year ago when I first posted that video, I noticed that his hometown and school hit my blog HARD on the site meter I had. So I figure he knows about my undying crush. I even invited him to contact me for an interview or use my blog to post something else he's done, but never heard from him. Still... his school definitely lit up my site meter.

Also, atheists worry me. If they don't believe in anything, they tend to be depressed sorts. I'd rather date someone hopeful and upbeat. But two of those four weren't sure, one wasn't catholic yet became a monk six months later... it's just... weird.

DL, I still say they knew that after having us, they couldn't improve so they had to dedicate their lives to a higher power. LOL. I'm sticking with that explanation.

Chris said...

LOL! You got the hang of 25 things just fine. Doing 100 things is really tough...

Kris Norris said...

Hey Girl,

Okay... just wondering why we always have to go back to the short thing!!!! I mean, really, is that the only memorable thing about me. Hell, just the other day, Bron and I were chatting about the first time we met, and she reminded me how she'd thought I'd be taller!

Okay, note to self. Get taller shoes, or jump on a rack or something.

But hey, I got to be one of your 25 things, so... it's all good. Wait, does this mean I get to say in my 25 things, that damn near everyone is taller than me? I'm just saying.

hugs my friend... loved the post.