Friday, January 1, 2010

Conversations I have with friends...

... the names are changed to protect the wicked.

I sent this pic to a friend of mine as a kind of "pick me up" photo of things I appreciated seeing. And this is the resulting conversation.

Me: Preeeettttyyyyy

Friend: Ah yes. Very pretty. Is that his cock? Is something over it? A snood or something? snicker. That doesn't look like a real dick to me but wouldn't it be nice?

Me: It's in a gold mesh penile baggie or some sort. makes dining out a whoooole lot more enticing if you get to take that home.

Friend: Oooh. A penis bag. Very hot. How'd you like to go to dinner with a guy who carried his dick in a baggie?

Me: I might worry that he'd leave it in the car to rot later.

Friend: LMAO!!!!!!! I once forgot a cantelope in my car. I was driving a big SUV at the time and it rolled under a seat. Couldn't figure out WHAT the FUCK that smell was until the car wash guys found it. They said it looked like a shrunken head. snort.

Me: OMGOSH!! Those things are FOUL when they rot. I do NOT have melon envy.

Friend: That was quite a few years ago. Took me awhile to buy cantelope again. LOL. Of course, the dick pouch wouldn't be quite so stinky.

Me: ARe you suuuuure?

Friend: Not totally. Would just depend on how clean the damn guy was.

Me: lol!! EWWWW.

Friend: snicker. Hopefully he isn't spewing in the damn thing. ewwwww

Me: or fermented and bursting.

Friend: I've had too many beers to talk about anything fermenting.

Because we all recognize that this is a serious conversation worth great thought. Those baggied penises can be a real problem.


Chris said...

Please say that your next stop after this conversation was modding the snow penis.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

If my husband ever put one of those on I might have to kill him, seriously. Of course the guy is wearing a full-face helmet! Man, I'd wear a paper bag over my head! Then again, perhaps he's a football player and he's simply wearing a gilt jockstrap?

Bronwyn Green said...

Mia, Mia, Mia - now I have that song from the late 90s in my head - something about a detachable penis...

Regina Carlysle said...

He IS verrrry pretty though, isn't he? I kind of like that mask and the penis baggie.

Rassles said...

I would prefer to keep my portable penises in something velvetty, I think.