Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yessir, another one

Title: She’s Got Balls
Author: Mia Watts
Author’s website: http://www.miawatts.com/
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Release Date: November 2009
ISBN: 978-1- 60735-090-3
Length: Novella
Format: Electronic
Genre: Contemporary GLBT
Source: R
Sensuality Level: 3
Rating: 4

Reviewed by: BD Whitney (Bookwenches)

When FBI rookie Chris Tarpington is assigned an undercover narcotics operation cooperating with the local police force, he is less than pleased to find out that he and the police detective, Vincent Pilk, will be posing as a heterosexual couple. Newbie or not, he’ll be damned if he’s going to dress up like a woman; Detective Pilk will just have to wear the falsies and heels. But then Chris meets Vin, who has to be at least six foot five, is built like a brick outhouse, and has the pleasant disposition of a pit bull. Like it or not, Chris is about to get up close and personal with pantyhose and hot wax to infiltrate a suburban housewife drug ring.

Chris may be wildly attracted to Vin, but he’s pretty sure the guy’s not gay. Or is he? The man certainly seems to enjoy the kiss they put on for the benefit of the suburban housewives, but it is also entirely possible that he’s playing the role just to yank Chris’s chain. Chris knows one thing, though: this undercover business is dangerous, because if the panties don’t kill him, his lust for his partner surely will.


So what, aside from the lovely young man on the cover, drew me to read this story? The title, of course! When I picked this novella up, I figured that there was no way that any story titled She's Got Balls could possibly take itself seriously. And I was right. She’s Got Balls by Mia Watts is a quick and humorous read that revolves around the running gag of a man in a dress. Or, rather, a man trying to deal with torturous panties and the crimp that they put in his out-of-control libido. This story is cute, funny, sexy, and just plain fun.

She's Got Balls features two irresistible heroes that you can’t help but love. Both are very manly men, but one of them is doomed to spend a lot of time in a dress. Chris is clever, irreverent, mouthy, pushy and constantly has sex on his mind. He might not want to play the girl, but he throws himself into the role completely and is very quick study. It’s very entertaining to watch him try to be “one of the girls” because he is such a man. Vin, who gets to be “the man” of their couple because of his size and physique, is actually the kinder and gentler of the two. He tends to hold his emotions close to his chest, and although he puts up a tough-guy front, he has a softer side that is in direct contrast.

The interaction between the main characters strikes sparks along with being humorous. These two are definitely an “odd couple.” Chris’s goads Vin incessantly just for the pleasure of watching the man react, calling him Gigantor and suggesting that his momma fed him growth hormones, and all the while he just wants to get into his pants. Vin, despite first impressions, is the more even-keeled of the two. When he decides to make his move, however, he is definitely the one in control of the situation. And oh, what control he has. This man definitely knows how to put a pair of gag-gift fuzzy handcuffs to work for him.

I was a little disappointed that the investigation in this story did not receive more attention, because I think She’s Got Balls would have benefited from a little more “meat” in the story and would have made a more effective novel than novella. The investigation seems more of a vehicle to bring the two main characters together and an excuse to get Chris into drag rather than being a true plot device. Regardless, this is a cute and fun story. It tickled me and made me grin, and I thought it was definitely worth the reading time.




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