Monday, November 30, 2009

A New Review!

Title: Mind F*cked
Sub Title: A Faerily Imperfect Tale

Authors: Mia Watts

Genres: Paranormal, HOT

Night Owl Romances
Hearts: 4.75 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick


Sage Harper has finally met his match!!! Well, not really.... Or maybe? Sage was gifted, or cursed depending on your point of view, at his birth by the faeries. They gave him the ability to know what other people were thinking when in an emotional state... like arousal; then they gave him the ability to arouse lust in just about anyone. The gift was pretty good for about five minutes in
his teen years, but ever since it has been nothing but a pain. Then Sage met Joe Glassman, not only could Sage not read Joe, but Joe seemed completely uninterested in Sage and now Sage seems to have developed the inability to censor least in Joe's presence. What happens when theses two are thrown together for a week with no separation? A really big mind f*uck!

I loved this book!!! I laughed so hard that I almost choked on my soda. I thought Sage's inability to keep his mouth shut was hilarious (as will anyone who has every slapped their hand over their own mouth and said "eek! Ignore that.") also, his insecurity over the fact that Joe didn't seem attracted to him was very cute and heartwarming. I was really impressed with the characters, although I wish there was a little more to the back story, maybe we'll see more in the rest of the series. Very fast paced, it was the best kind of read; it left me wanting more.

Thank you, Vallerianna!!


Regina Carlysle said...

Congrats on the wonderful review!

J said...

Seriously, the most flattering thing someone can say is you left them wanting more.

Damn, is that going to come across as more Freudian implications?


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Mia Watts said...

Regina! I love the new avitar!

J- OF COURSE. Did you really have to ask, or were you just wanting more? :)