Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweeny Todd-ing my manuscript

L has found a new love. Here we go again. Another round of bars to search her out until L has found her. Crushes annoy the hell out of me. Especially crushes of L's. In this case, not so ideal and the woman in question is straight. Poor L is bound to get her heart broken.

I believe I'll make sure N can come along. I must have someone to speak with while L swoons.

Other shit: The boss is on a rampage. Not sure why. Perhaps I should cheer him up with more random sticky notes. 3M should pay me for the business I provide them.

Other-er shit: My cougar/cub story is still without title. The heroine's name is Melinda Kitts. The hero is Ethan. She's twelve years older. He's thirty and the son of her best friend. Any suggestions? I'm open. This isn't particularly humorous. At least, not on purpose.

The lot of you seem very busy with projects. Well done! May you all have a productive weekend. Even Rassles who thinks she's incapable of writing.


Amber Skyze said...

I think sticky notes are in order! :)

Good luck with the title. I'm working on two untitled and it's frustrating. I usually have the title first.

Molly Daniels said...

Kitt and Kaboodle? Sorry...that just jumped into my head. It's cheesy, I know. I'll go drink more coffee.

J said...

I think you should call it "Feeding Miss Kitts" or "Feed Miss Kitty"

Mia Watts said...

J is a head by a landslide. Kaboodle shall never cross my cover. Ever. Drink more coffee, Molly.

Shall employ sticky notes on Monday. The boss has only grown more cross.