Monday, July 27, 2009

Sometimes it's a crap-shoot

The untitled work for TEB is temporarily titled, Melting Melinda. I had decided on Here, Kitty Kitty, changing all the names in the story to make the heroine's name Kitty. Then decided that was annoying and might suggest a shifter story, which this is not. After changing them back again, Melting Melinda was the best I could achieve. Likely my editor will not care for it--as she shouldn't--and I'll require another title with sexier connotations.

At present, I've got nothing.

I finished Melting Melinda yesterday. Sadly I was informed that the BBM (Big Black Moment-point when all hell breaks loose and it is even minutely conceivable that the hero and heroine shall not unite after all, even though they will) was not terrible enough. This by my critique partner. In review, I had to agree. MM is back on my desktop for more work. I anticipate completing it today and turning it in to my SEP (Scary Editor Person).

MM is the cougar/cub story for the TEB anthology out in January. No, I'm not that ahead of schedule, rather I had a couple of weeks between larger projects and this was a tidy little break.

Other shit: Still awaiting Mind F*cked cover. I fear it will be a while longer yet. Release is not for another three months. Patience is a virtue and well appreciated by creative cover artist sorts.

Note to self: "Mia, stop grumbling and complete Melting Melinda before SEP has to ask for it."


J said...

I think I like the Melting Melinda title. Catchy. Not "She's Got Balls" or "Claimed by Darkness" catchy, but they can't all kick you in the nuts. I think with the right cover, it could work.

Rassles said...

There's a name for that part of the story? I love naming plot devices.