Thursday, July 2, 2009


Someone tried to hack me. Facebook issued notice of a gift application from a member. Upon clicking the link, I was immediately routed to a virus alert which began a download of my laptop and an upload of a virus simultaneously. It's my fortune to have excellent software which caught the virus. This came moments after a friend informed me that her bank account had been hacked and all funds removed.

Am I the only one to notice a rise in hacking? This incident is the fourth in under two weeks and the first time my system was actively attacked. It didn't encourage me that my friend called her financial institution only to discover her local branch had been hacked into and they were uncertain if the fund removal resulted from her computer virus (the second such) or the infiltration of theirs.

Note to self: "Mia, transfer to new bank. CisternNearstay isn't so secure."


J said...

This sort of activity seems to come and go in waves. I wonder how much stress would be removed from our lives if we didn't have to deal with (or be in fear of having to deal with) crap like that?

wv: gairtio
Sounds like a superhero named Guitar-o!

Jennifer Madden said...

Hackers really piss me off. What is their point? To see if they can make the news? Sounds like j's wanted money, but sometimes they just send you viruses to destroy. My husband just dealt with a virus called comingula or something like that, and that's all you could see on his screen. That name, over and over again. His computer never was right after he fixed it.
Be careful. It's good you have a good anti-virus.

Rassles said...

Once someone got my friends credit information and overdrew her checking account with purchases from the Danbury Mint.

Yeah. That happened.

Glad you've got proper protection.

Blogger said...

I've used Kaspersky anti-virus for a few years, I would recommend this product to all of you.