Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mia Interrupted

Normally I don't post on Saturday's but I reconsidered for this one. Here is the link to the better video done by Matt and Liam. And the picture of the two above. I've also attached a link to the student page for the project because I find the reading rather fascinating. Click their names to follow. I chose not to link to the student test myspace page, nor either of the two sites Liam has for a measure of goodwill toward his privacy.

Now for that reconsideration of the post. I have a stat counter on this blog. It tells me where hits come from and how often I am hit. It also shows me a map (ahhhh, are you Latymer students understanding?) It appears my recent interest in this Liam fellow has created enough of a stir to have my blog hit repeatedly from that area of northern London. Hours of continued viewing a day. I'm flattered. And a little amazed at their shyness. I suspect if Liam doesn't know I've been posting, he will shortly.

My guess is the edited video, while fun, was a school project he doesn't wish to revisit. Months of work, perhaps unwanted attention, and while he and Matt may be proud of their accomplishment may not wish to continue to live in that moment. So be it.

Liam, Matt (by the way, your video doesn't do Matt justice), if you would like an interview, you know where to find me. I encourage you to post the three different versions of the video you shot to compile the one you have (calm, coy, manic) as individual entries on youtube. Include those wider and more extensive shots of Matt you wished you'd included because the experience is fascinating to the observer. I, for one, am curious about the original, unedited footage.

The second shot demands kudos. Regardless of your sexuality which I suspect is very hetero, this shot took commitment to your craft. Neither of you flinched. There is a screen shot I have of Matt scrunching his nose... what the hell. I'll post it too... Matt is adorable here in pic three. Still, both committed and deserving praise for a show of maturity. Well done.

Just an idea.

This last shot, is my favorite with the crazy-assed, damn hot double dimple and crooked smile.
PS. Liam does have a brother. If older, not by much.
PPS. Thanx to Brynn Paulin for photo capture


Brynn Paulin said...

You're welcome. You picked some nice shots. I think I'll post a couple of my favs on my Speed of Life blog.

Back to the actual videos, I have to agree that the two I've seen are very well done. I thought the same things about the commitment and professionalism -- though I most admit, I've wondered how many retakes they needed to do because one or both of the boys broke into laughter.

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