Friday, May 22, 2009

Mental Regularity

I've got a new cover which I hope to share with you soon. She's Got Balls is one of the upcoming releases for Resplendence as part of the Handcuffs and Lace line. When I have the official cover I'll post thumbnails of the others alongside. Why? Because the books have in common a couple shot as a dominant image with cuffs and high heels in the foreground. A color wash tints the final image.

When submitting this manuscript, I knew the heels weren't ideal unless they were ugly-assed grandma shoes with mud on them. My version of Handcuffs and Lace is a male/male erotic romance. In drag. Hence the title. Have I mentioned my cover shall be ridiculously fantastic?

Other shit: Have had to make hard decisions at work. The boss is less than amiable at the moment. Actually, the situation feels rather militant and I can only think the boss is in desperate need of a shag. Perhaps my next sticky note should instruct how and where the wobbly bits function. That's one description I know I can handle.

Current Work: is Mind F*cked. The project is well underway. This is good as it will release next. Another Resplendence book. October comes quickly so I suspect the sooner I complete and submit it, the better. For some reason, this manuscript is taxing. Plot complications feel different and I believe it has to do with hero2. But I may have worked it out. Which sounds as though my brain suffered from constipation.

There's an image for you. Fiber One for writers. It makes your plotting regular.

Note to self: "Mia, Mind F*cked aptly named for the creative angst and blockage. Your brain needs an enema."

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Rassles said...

That sounds ridiculously fantastic. Ugly-ass mud-encrusted grandma heels on a (wo)manly drag queen? Love it.