Monday, May 25, 2009

Having Thoughts

I sold 695 copies of Claimed by Darkness copies in the final two weeks of February. This is good. What is bad? In three days, more than 1500 were pirated from illegal download sites. The book has been out since February and I'm only now being paid for the first two weeks of publication. 500 thefts a day, on average, over three and a half months of time. Imagine my financial loss. I won't even see March royalties on legitimate copies sold until mid to late June.
As Anny Cook commented on the Goddess Blog last week, and later on her own blog, ePirates steal books because they love the work and don't wish to pay for it. They make it nearly impossible for authors to continue writing because the pay-out is so little compared to the invested time and money. There is not one person who would willingly work and know the will be mugged everyday after putting in their hours. And most writers toil far longer than 40 hours a week on their craft.

Other shit: It's pathetic perhaps, but I find myself thoroughly intrigued by the odd relationship forming between K and my boss. Despite her argument to the contrary, K appears to enjoy his company. So common is it to see them together that even those outside the department have made note. K informed that she's seeking a divorce. No comment on boss' marriage or status of boss-K relationship. Interesting.

Go remember someone. Conjure them in your minds. Think of them, their smell, their smile, their quirks, the way they've blessed your life. A special moment and thoughtful gesture. Better, remember the slow smile and easy laugh, the honor and pride and command of presence in someone who died for your freedom today. Have a thoughtful Memorial Day.


Amber Skyze said...

It's sucks, Mia! These losers stealing our hard earned money.
Happy Memorial Day!

Julia Barrett said...

First of all, I am totally impressed at your sales figure. Secondly, I am even more impressed by how many people have pirated you and those are just the people you know about. It's too bad, but obviously you sell books!

Mia Watts said...

Thanx Amber and Julia. It does indeed suck big. The numbers are good for me, first timer and all but the genre has everything to do with that. Hopefully, I'll continue to sell through normal channels, otherwise the effort is not worth the risk.

Rassles said...

You have every right to be frustrated with those pirate-y fuckers, but, OMG! (please read that as O. M. G. in ironic girly squealy voice) look at how many people want to read your fucking book.