Monday, May 4, 2009

Do you like to watch?

Was asked recently about daily routine. Assume specifically about writing, therefore will address. After work, home to the apartment where Oscar, my laptop, awaits. Oscar is red and obedient. I push his buttons and he leaps to obey. Normally I set up on the kitchen bar where walking around is easy and can type while standing. Handy when catching up on run to laundry or cooking dinner. Also for fast spying trips to peep hole or balcony windows.

I complain about Johnson, but he really is quite spectacular in standard vacuuming garb of "naked". Have yet to see such an appendage that compares. Could swear he has vacuumed without hands, on occasion.

On docket now is Mind F*cked. Have completed Open Sesame for anthology and contract has been recommended. Mind F*cked will be first of five through Resplendence. Now then. Should you wonder the particulars of my writing environment, you have it.

Other shit: Along with 29 others, I have been traded. Yes, very sporty of me. 30 writers were disbursed to other editors and am now under the direct revision of Meghan Conrad at Ellora's Cave. Dear Helen, I shall miss you.

Other-er shit: Ellora's Cave chat tomorrow night 8-10 Eastern time at Several authors, many give aways, excerpts of current and upcoming EC books. Join and lurk if you wish or participate. A virtual room filled with erotic romance writers and mainstream romance writers. Pick brains or ask questions. I fully plan to pop in from time to time.

Note to self: "Mia, station laptop in front of balcony and dim lights during chat. Lurkers may want a play by play."


silverpixies said...

*MMMMMMMMAAAWAAAA* just sending you love and remember nothing i ever say or do without coffee or when i am in a really BAD mood should be held against me.. remember i love you bunches and i was trying to defend your honor and well i fight to win and love to fight.. it was ugly and as of 12:59 i had the last word. IF i have offended you I truly Apologize to you

Sedonia Guillone said...

I was one of Helen's froggies too. She's a wonderful editor to work with.

Mia Watts said...

Sedonia, you on Fran's author only loop? Many frog over there.