Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sodding Mess

Why, on the day alarm didn't go off, do I get more hot looks than when time to properly dress? Twisted sense of Murphy's Law? Men in conspiracy to undermine sanity?

Didn't take skyways today from car park. Decided instead to walk the two blocks outside. Freezing but needed to finish what caffeine started. Am glad I did. Aside from man in gray trench singing against IDS building, saw a woman more insane than I.

Had to be early seventies with dyed black hair in dry cottony length to shoulders, roots stark white. She wore strappy tank by which anyone within five block radius could confirm, she was cold. Tiny blue shorts with white running stripes on either side, floppy ass-bits hanging out and busted ankle boots. Multiple facial piercings (fairly certain a nipple ring, but could not bring myself to verify with another look), and fading tattoos looked to be drawn by kindergarten paint-by-numbers.

The crouching tiger had since melted with exhaustion on upper right shoulder, Chinese symbol at mid-neck partially hidden, but not distinguishable. Could have been "hope" but looked to be "Armageddon". No, I do not read Chinese script. Excellent PSA for idiots who think their tattoos will always remain crisp. Plan wisely.

Decided woman either walked streets (positive thinker, she!) or clinically insane. Have decided to believe the former. Suspect that in another year, she'll be able to barbell pierce her bat wings. Admire her for determination to remain young if not for overall maintenance of appearance. Fascinating, truly.

Nearly stumbled in the revolving door had not the gentleman behind caught me--prior to taking a feel of my bum. Which returns me to first subject. Why today? I will not begin to explore man's reasoning for joining me in the small glass turnstile, but he received an accidental purse to the groin. Clumsy me.

Note to self: "Mia, live with the spirit of youth but, for God's sake, when skin begins to sag, cover up old girl."


J said...

Which perhaps answers the question, what happens to an exhibitionist when (s)he gets old? Not all wild party girls want to settle down.

wv: reone

Mia Watts said...

Am in favor of reinstituting the use of veils for elderly party girls. Alluring and concealing.

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